Today we are back with another Golfing every single day until I shoot under par video and we have a rain game!!


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  1. Nick Wood says:

    Someone get this man a glove

  2. The thumbnail is amazing 😂 You are insane for golfing in the rain but I respect the dedication 😭🙌🏾 Glad it eased up lol #jott

  3. Jelzi says:

    i never watch golf but u have made it pretty entertaining

  4. When the ball is below your feet aim a little more to the left and then opposite when the ball is above your feet

  5. Adam Lebert says:

    You need to do a round with Eileen Park!

  6. Td show your car 🚗 🚘🚙

  7. Ted want car show car

  8. RAW Films says:

    Lemme get that Scottie 😂

  9. The thumbnail go crazy😂🔥

  10. what courses do you play?

  11. if the ball is below you, it automatically spits right and tends to fade. if the ball is above you it automatically spits left and tends to draw.

  12. Bria Swift says:

    Started playing madden for the first time ever this year and picked up a lot of tips from you. #fromTD still got a lot to grow from ☺️

  13. Tim Steeger says:

    Love the new content Brett! I miss playing golf

  14. Max Peterson says:

    Keep up the hard work! #fromtd

  15. WhiteBoy Bee says:

    Are you saying Beerse? For the Belgium trip? Very curious and would like to go but wanna make sure I’m looking up the right place

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