offensive memes that if ylyl

offensive memes that are very funny that if ylyl
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Today made a reaction video cursed memes, unusual memes, offensive memes that if ylyl, and other meme compilations that are HILARIOUS memes and FUNNY memes in the best tiktok meme compilations. I love the algorithm.


35 Replies to “offensive memes that if ylyl”

  1. Laxhoop2525 says:

    Brandon is only half correct on his Rabies PSA, if you can get to a hospital as soon as possible after you’re bitten, you will be fine, but that’s because they can basically screen your blood. We don’t actually have a cure for rabies, that’s why it is imperative you get to the doctor immediately.

  2. 8:29 You want to know what the worst thing about this whole situation is? PEOPLE don't use their mouths for drinks! Like, C'mon you lazy ****! Use your mouth and not a straw, and we wouldn't have this godamn problem!

  3. Givdul says:

    8:19 “the paper straws sucks” huh? Well that’s what you’re supposed to do trough them, suck. So doesn’t that mean that they work perfectly?

  4. Sans Ventura says:

    I’ll never understand why Brandon thinks golf is the most boring sport when a sport like Cricket exists
    It’s literally just worse golf

  5. mabba says:

    11:28 I also had that but I just never noticed ever and I can now barely hear

  6. What's wrong with paper straws? Bro lol…

  7. Man if were talking strange child fears mine was when we went to the produce section at the grocery store and they had those open coolers with the produce in them. Idk why i guess my kid brain thought i was gonna freeze or something if i got too close to them. It was specifically the ones by the produce too the freezers with the frozen food were fine to me.

  8. 21:45
    WD40 is what that door needs.

  9. 8:01
    BP: What are you going to do this earth day!

    Some legend: "Not dump a bunch of oil into the ocean."

  10. Daddy Falcor says:

    That bews clip is from the onion get pranked nerds

  11. iceyrazor says:


  12. Lord Cantalo says:

    1:07 Absolute Jerma behavior.

  13. Ethan York says:

    People failing to do two-handed tasks because one of their hands is recording on their phone is the strangest thing. How did you think that would work?

  14. Amuro転生 says:

    Tiger woods is secretly shino from Boruto's dad

  15. MP says:

    Dude I have the same type of fridge that’s in the penny coffee video

  16. 2:50 The fact that the guy thought hanging from the top of the door was a better idea than holding it closed is hilarious to me!

    I also love how the dog jumped up perfectly in sync with "Waiter, waiter, more toddlers please!"

  17. 18:35 Literally spat my food out. I was expecting that the dog grew like, super fast or something

  18. My goofy child trauma was crying when ever a "African deascent of any race" showed up on television but never in person. My family backed this fact up

  19. Maffgiraffe says:

    The sound clip at 9:21 is from holes 2003

  20. 21:32 You've seen a different version every time? I see the exact same one every single time, and I'm watching YOUR videos, and you act like you've never seen it before. What versions were you watching?

  21. Archvile says:

    Jumping onto the Paper Straw Hate convo:

    Roughly 70 to 75% of all non-degradable waste in the ocean isn't, and was never straws; it's industrial fishing nets.

    And the waste that HAS been reduced by paper straws, has been subsequently replaced by MASKS.

  22. Norah Pines says:

    I don't really have any time I always cried, BUT when I was 6 I watched The Lion King, and at the end of the movie my mom ask me if I liked it, and I sobbed because Mufasa died. So I refused to watch the movie after that, because I was afraid I'd cry again. I haven't seen it in 14 years

    Shots also probably would've made me cry, but idk my parents didn't get me vaccinated, except twice, once when I was 16 and once when they give you shots when you're like a week old

  23. paper straws would be fine if they were like dixie cups, thin, wax coated, rather than just cardboard.

  24. So glad the meme sheep is back.

  25. Mongo! says:

    wild spartanz after making the same toddler joke every video

  26. I hate to be the ☝️🤓 but
    Rabies has a 99.9% mortality rate and there is only like 1-2 recorded survivors. So uhh, don’t touch wild animals

  27. Professional Golf is literally just an excuse for people to stand around and do nothing in silence for hours and be paid for it.

  28. Kiya says:

    3:34 little known fact, Tiger Woods is actually just several bugs in a trench coat

  29. My bio teacher (as part of the curriculum) made us take a carbon footprint calculator and everyone had a really big carbon footprint and were told to take steps to reduce it. I checked out the website and guess who sponsored it. BP. 🙃

  30. I feel so bad for the guy that got called Kung Fu panda by the news lady.. how can she know the transformer and yet calls someone Kung Fu panda when he's not even dressed like po..

  31. I used to be terrified of car washes ngl. My grandad would take me to one every time I rode with him and would start screaming, which would make me scream.

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