Officially best birdie EVER – Day after The Open

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That birdie gives you GUYS the chance to WIN this tour bag signed by SEBRICK FINCHFACE (Sebongolf, Rick Shiels, Peter Finch and myself.

Check out the full video on @SebOnGolf channel! And comment ‘SEBRICK FINCHFACE’ 👇 to get the chance to win the bag. Also make sure your subscribed and liked the video 🙌

Honestly one of the best moments EVER


48 Replies to “Officially best birdie EVER – Day after The Open”

  1. PackPros says:

    Seb Rick Finchface

  2. Kasey Hicks says:

    Play a 1,000 yard hole

  3. Nelson Huang says:

    Still waiting for the ball’s POV video 😔

  4. Seb Rick Finchface

  5. b_staub says:

    Sebrick Finchface 😂😂

  6. oli oli says:

    Where is the pic of the camera in the golf ball


  8. idk says:

    What about the camera pov of the ball?

  9. Sp4rx says:

    That’s so cool

  10. Leo Covello says:

    Sebrick finchface

  11. Jon Veppler says:


  12. This is cool and all but where is the footage from the camera ball?😢

  13. I need that bag i don't have straps

  14. Alex Hall says:

    I want the footage of the camera in a ball

  15. when you posting the footage of the cam

  16. MillyRock says:

    Hey where is the camera ball footage

  17. AFatLime says:


  18. Play with half ball and kids clubs against your dad 😂

  19. Seb Rick FinchFace😂

  20. Wal says:

    Sebrick Finchface 😢

  21. pxnda says:

    Bro when is the camera pov coming ou

  22. Klawe says:

    Seb Rick finchface 😂. 🤷‍♀️

  23. max koehler says:

    Seb Rick Finchface

  24. Max Brian says:

    Yo that’s sick I love those bags

  25. Preach900 says:

    Seb Rick finch face

  26. Tanner C says:

    Cover the ball with 10 layers of duct tape!

  27. GenesisG70 says:

    Your swing looks different!! You nervous or what! 😂?


  29. Storm74 says:

    Seb Rick Finchface

  30. Drudabomb11 says:

    Seb rick finchface

  31. Lisa Chung says:

    SebRick FinchFace absolutely luv the video. ❤🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  32. Leo Gardiner says:

    Seb rick finchface…

  33. Day101 of asking your to play with half a golf ball

  34. Kids clubs against dad😮

  35. Or play with a half golf ball

  36. Play with junior kids clubs against your dad

  37. SkyDorz says:


  38. SkyDorz says:

    Birdie from the back tees good golf 👍

  39. Max Meadows says:

    Seb Rick Finchface 😂

  40. Play with base ball bat😂

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