Patrick Mahomes tells fans he can’t sign autographs; gets called G.O.A.T while golfing

Many fans wanted an autograph from Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes during his golfing week in Lake Tahoe. But Mahomes explains why he couldn’t sign autographs. Also, his father, Mahomes Sr., had a few laughs with fans during their time on the golf course.


21 Replies to “Patrick Mahomes tells fans he can’t sign autographs; gets called G.O.A.T while golfing”

  1. John Haladay says:

    Mahomes' behavior underscores the dangers of blindly worshipping false idols. Neither he, or most athletes, are nice people. It's not the first time he has gone out of his way to be dismissive of fans. However, you'll get cancelled for saying that because almost everyone believes these athletes are heroes and gods. They're neither.

  2. The dad is a doushe. Pat was slowing down pace of play because he was signing SOOO many.

  3. DiVetoWn says:

    O.J. Simpson would have signed.

  4. Patrix says:

    Bro don’t have to sign shiiieieeertttttt. Anyone who disagrees is a fat discord mod. Yeah I said it.

  5. There are many athletes ,celebrities, musicians who hated being bombarded by the media and fans only to come to find that later in life,when no one gave a shit they missed it.Some even went crazy and committed suicide.

  6. I see old men at baseball games wanting autographs, unreal, like your one foot in the grave, worry about living not a autograph lol.

  7. L T says:

    Fans need to stop acting entitled

  8. teach your kids to be their own hero. idolizing another person is never a good idea. and also how many autographs did he sign that weekend, a couple thousand prob? he can't sign everything.

  9. He sounds like Luke Bryan lmao

  10. Edpo26 says:

    Mahomes is a douche for this

  11. Bye says:

    People are so fucking annoying holy shit. Taking no for an answer seems impossible these days.

  12. Some people are not use to herring the word NO! Privilege Ass holes.

  13. Sully says:

    Joe Montana would have signed the autograph

  14. Sterl T. says:

    Why do yal feel entitled to these guys time? If he said no then that’s it lol

  15. Poverty Spec says:

    Only Chiefs fans should be allowed to get PLMII's autograph.

  16. K Cook says:

    Let the man golf. Ask him after his 18 holes

  17. JUS SAYIN says:

    If they told him he couldn’t sign ANYMORE autographs then he has to follow the rules. Evidently he signed so many to the point it was holding up the game. Y’all just PM haters. GO CHIEFS!!!

  18. Kevs Stream says:

    He wishes to be like Steph

  19. Brady would’ve signed

  20. Luis says:

    Kermit the frog vs steph curry in golfing who wins😂

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