Patrick Peterson previews Steelers 2023 Training Camp + BMac's Top 3 Things to Watch in Latrobe

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Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden preview Steelers Training Camp. Pat P answers if he thinks this could be his last Training Camp before stating his personal goals for the season. The guys comment on the fans in Latrobe, guys P2 is excited to watch and being predicted to finish 4th in the AFC North. Finally, BMac issues his Top 3 things to watch at Steelers camp.

0:00 Intro
4:15 Final P2 season?
7:00 The fans
8:30 Personal goals
11:00 Guys to watch
14:00 Disrespected?
15:45 BMac’s what to watch

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ABOUT THE SHOW: Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden have made a living for their coverage skills on the football field, and while it’s a different technique, they’re now applying those traits on their new podcast ‘All Things Covered’. Instead of wide receivers, tight ends and running backs, they’ll be covering sports, entertainment, social issues, personal interests and more. Every week, the 8-time Pro Bowler Peterson and 2-time Super Bowl champion McFadden will discuss what’s happening on the gridiron as well as what intrigues them off the field. Each week they’ll welcome a star from the sports and entertainment world to have wide-ranging conversations about what interests them. Guests can include active or former football players but also athletes and influencers from other sports and walks of life. Football is how we know our hosts, but far from what defines Pat and BMac. The name says everything; expect all things to be covered!


31 Replies to “Patrick Peterson previews Steelers 2023 Training Camp + BMac's Top 3 Things to Watch in Latrobe”

  1. Mike B says:

    The offense needs to open up to be able to win games.

  2. Yooooooo say it ain’t so I kno you didn’t let da baby getchu🤣🤣he skinny as hell!!! First play??? U can’t stuff him??? Tell coach dnt use man coverage just ever ugghhh I’m sic yo. You supposed to stuff that offense pat

  3. 12 pics this year we goin for the record pat ….

  4. Catch hard bullet passes before the game you’ll snag those ones in the game

  5. Norwood😂🤣😂

  6. MaddieMae O says:

    Do a show from Dinos

  7. Steelers343 says:

    We're all behind you guys the fans we feel connected with yall. We're ride or die let's get it!!

  8. Tomlin don’t know how to find inside linebacs like the old coaches….I do🤣🤣🤣

  9. Najee will have the burst because we can pass coach

  10. Najee didn’t do good last year because we cud not pAss at first he started doing good after the break

  11. I was locing it down today on Crip no catches allowed and a pic two overtime’s we lost though

  12. Kenny Beamer says:


  13. GEN 22 says:

    I respect his career in Arizona and Minnesota, but Pat P seems like he was born to be a Steeler

  14. Cole Thomas says:

    Agree BM agree with PP on everything he said too

  15. You’re gonna get twelve pics

  16. chyla1 says:

    Yeah! I’m hyped up with the possibilities! Madden skills better be on fleek😂😂
    Let’s go Steelers! 🖤💛

  17. Me and the wife plan vacation and come from Cleveland top that please shit on the browns this year come on Pickett we know you can take that jump you got this

  18. I will be there and I am taking vacation for a day and driving from Dayton ohio to watch! We want to see the players doing the work and see the improvement! Go get them!

  19. robert bibby says:

    B mac any chance of u making it out to latrobe to do a live show????

  20. Can't figure out how to vote

  21. Keenan Smith says:

    I been saying that for years. Coach T needs to play Madden to see how easy it is to win with our talent. We have had talented teams but this teM is looking really family if not slightly better. The old SB teams were tested and these guys aren't collectively tested as a unit yet but they will do very well. My dream is 1st team being able to all come off the field and rest while Mitch and the next in depth come on with him and 2nd team blast the other team and score quick and easy. That will be trend setting and put the league on Notice. Our practice squad will even be great. Trust me

  22. Agree with Mac,but 1 thing I want to see is an improvement on the O line.

  23. mrporter2u says:

    Latrobe is a pilgrimage. Lots of people travel from across the country on vacation to see the Steelers' training camp.

    Congrats on the recognition for your excellent podcast, BMac and Pat P! Very well deserved.

  24. Mike Akey says:

    Only thing id argue in the top 3 is this: Hiw long will it take for the new faces on D to gel? We cant afford a 1-3 start ror the umpteenth time. Your top 3 was great bMac but defense is still out strong suit and they need to hit the ground running

  25. Mike Akey says:

    I feel like Pat P was nade to be a Steeler. He got me so hype!!!!

  26. D-Line improve&OL Blocking&CB&S with more INT&Fumbles.LB'S getting pressure on QB&Sacks.

  27. Viera Travel says:

    I’m coming from Florida to catch a practice. Then cya in Tampa

  28. Randy Botkin says:

    The first one is the most important that’s the what’s gone say whether or not we successful the second take wasn’t too valid because we all know that he was injured he played through it and the watching the Ilb is the second most vital thing to our success

  29. I really believe Peterson is going to be a huge influence on this secondary.

  30. I can’t find the link to vote, please leave the link so Steeler Nation can give you the props!

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