Perhaps A Little Workout Snack

Fact: Getting in workouts throughout the day can be a real pain point, especially if you are lacking time and energy. But another fact- studies show that getting in a small “workout snack” AKA a 3-30 minute long movement break, can improve metabolic health, increase energy, counteracts poor posture, and overall just makes you feel like a healthier human.
Let’s get to the point- if you have a hard time making it to the gym regularly or getting in a full hour long workout, then workout snacks are for you! These movement breaks don’t require special equipment or to change clothes! Examples can include: 2 minutes of taking the stairs, 50 air squats for time, or doing 25 jumping jacks every time you check your email.
Tune in to this weeks podcast to learn more about what a Workout Snack can be and how to start incorporating them into your lifestyle!

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