Peter Finch names his dream YouTube Four-Ball?! | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 020

On this episode…the guys create their ULTIMATE 4-ball of YouTube golfers, Tiger Woods loses his caddie and Pete answers your most asked questions!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Congratulations Mick!
3:40 A Massive Video Is Coming Out…
12:03 We Are Going To Turkey!
18:45 Joe LaCava Has Left Tiger Woods
27:53 Should Rory McIlroy Get A New Caddie?
28:50 Is Rory Mcilroy Struggling With His Golf?
35:33 Was Charley Hull And Georgia Hall In The Wrong?
38:00 Who Would Be The Best YouTube 4-Ball?
47:27 Peter Finch Answers Your Questions
50:21 Go To Scotland For Cheap Golf!
1:04:46 Does Golf Have A Sustainability Issue?

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33 Replies to “Peter Finch names his dream YouTube Four-Ball?! | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 020”

  1. Harry Diamond is actually a really good golfer himself. He won the West of Ireland Championship in 2012. Rory had won it in 2005 and 2006 and was the youngest ever winner. Padraig Harrington and Shane Lowry are also past winners.

  2. Congrats Mick 👍

  3. Luke, Micah, Grant H and Paige S😊

  4. Jeff Bevan says:

    I think the golf sustainability issue is an episode in itself, of particular interest has to be the amount of water used, the pesticides and the effect on golfers.

  5. Todd Oww says:

    Cheers Stateside. I lived in the Seattle-area for several years. I've known Pete as always the Seahawks fan, but not sure I know the story as how that came to be.

  6. Ill have the well known youtubers, dechambeu, Harrington and wesley bryan please 😂

  7. that opening jingle is pure gold 🙂

  8. K11K says:

    Bubbie, Fat Perez, Kyle Berkshire and Rick

  9. For a second i thought Carly meant Carly booth lol

  10. pavlovscow says:

    Micah, Matt the Golf Sidekick, Fat Perez, George Bryan

  11. I’ve always felt, “Golf membership” is a “rich man’s” sport. Just playing a course a few times a year has always been available to average Joe.

  12. SR Nick says:

    Ben Hadden, Bubbie, Jimmy Bullard and Garrett

  13. MisterCal says:

    My 4:
    George Bryan
    Mac Boucher
    James Wiltshire
    Luke Kwon

  14. Plenty of options out there for equipment. I just got back into golf ( Thanks Pete & Rick ) after a 20yr break. Kitted out like this M2 Driver $250 / Taylormade 5W RBZ $195 / Taylormade Hibrid $250 / Cobra AMP Irons 5-PW $250 / 3 Cleveland Wedges new $570 / Wilson 8802 Blade Putter $75.00 . S1600 odd bucks. Still not super cheap but there are options.

  15. Alan Grant says:

    A team that I think would be able to win any competition. Luke Kwon, Kyle Berkshire, Mac Boucher and Fat Perez. Hard to see that being topped.

  16. Mark says:

    Oh Peter your boys have just caused you a headache you've just joked you can't get a degree in caddying oh yes you can at St Andrews it is a thing!!

  17. C Davies says:

    ‘Drinking!’ 😂👍🏻🍻

  18. James G says:

    Congratulations 🎊 Mick

  19. Tony Shorey says:

    21 golf course within a 15 minute drive of troon Town centre

  20. Must be getting stockholm syndrome with that bloody awful theme tune. Congratulations Mick!

  21. Peter Waller says:

    The nights are not getting longer, they are getting shorter. LOL

  22. rob procter says:

    George bryan, luke kwon, zach radford and Grant horvat

  23. RavenJay 10 says:

    My top 4 YT golfers
    George Micah Perez & Bobby Berger for team morale. If we can’t include Pete

  24. Sheils played you even on your last challenge. Must be something personal. Or am I missing something. Honest question this/

  25. Mark K says:

    Luke, Grant, George Bryan and Zac Radford would be my choice for a 4 ball.

  26. For me the best youtube golfer is ability and content provision , Finchy is streets ahead imo

  27. SgtsPepper11 says:

    I think it's gotta be Garrett, Kwon, George Bryan, and I think it's gotta be Micah.

    My thought is that there's hardly anyone better in the short game than Garrett, he's a literal artist with a wedge. Kwon and Micah cover the long game fairly well, and it's unlikely that both of them struggle on the same hole, but even if they do Garrett and George could pick them up. George is there for course management (experience caddying for Wes) as well as his approach and putting games.

    I struggled a bit with Micah, despite him being one of my favorite golfers for a while, because recently I just feel like his game is too inconsistent. He's still got the potential to card a -6 or -8, but he gets in his own way with confidence issues, missed putts, and an average short game. That's a big reason I put Garrett in there, because if it's a scramble, that won't be a problem, but if it's a best ball then you've at least got confidence knowing that someone is going to be able to manage the hole well.

    Kwon is too consistent to leave off of any team in any format. Distance, putting, approach, short game, course management… he's a former pro alright, and it shows.

  28. Ian Stowell says:

    Id have to do Ben Hadden, Grant, Peter, and Fat Perez. Couple of bombers, great iron playing, and great short game players. Its the whole pack quite honestly.

  29. Keith Gibson says:

    Got to be honest I enjoying the podcast more with just three people 👍🏼

  30. Ethan Taylor says:

    The guy from @newninegolf, Micha, George Bryan, Matt Fryer for the Lols. 🙂 There's my four ball haha. Beat that.

  31. Nights are getting “longer”?

  32. slytown says:

    Michael Newton would be good, or Matt Fryer, if you want a UK player.

  33. How has no one picked Iona? I don't see anyone else shooting the course record at Crail……..

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