PGA Tour players react to tournament cut news in 2024 schedule | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Todd Lewis relays to the Golf Central crew what players have been saying regarding certain tournament cuts in the 2024 PGA Tour schedule. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral #PGATour
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PGA Tour players react to tournament cut news in 2024 schedule | Golf Central | Golf Channel


12 Replies to “PGA Tour players react to tournament cut news in 2024 schedule | Golf Central | Golf Channel”

  1. TJ Pindar says:

    If they want to go this route — why not just create a smaller PGA Tour with a fixed schedule and their own majors : Players, Genesis, API, Memorial. The majors not being a part of the PGA Tour is the biggest gap they have to bridge right now. Hold the majors' feet to the fire and get them on board with more top ranked players, less amateurs, club pros, and defending champs who can't break 80.

  2. Cara Banks looks so beautiful with that hair style

  3. 👉 I love this content!!! 🥰 I'm an italian contemporary artist 🔶 I've just posted a Relaxing Video about some Luxury Golf Clubs and Fields 🟥

  4. G. Wills says:

    There goes the PGA Tour heritage of competition, seemingly! I'd prefer watching Rory missing the cut as he did in The Masters. Thank goodness the Majors won't change!

  5. Dan kool says:

    As a fan I like the cut, you play to make the cut and win on Sunday..

  6. I would say for no cut events, no one is allowed to drop out if they’re shooting low.

  7. Surfsaus says:

    Who's looking foward to LIV Greenbrier this week? I know i am.

  8. So another win for LIV? Got it. Billy, the beard doesn't hid the lissspp….

  9. D. crofter says:

    They are artificially giving the top guys a heads start to the year. Whereas previously the top guys were always playing catch-up – now it's the guys making their way up and grinding that are going to be playing catch-up.

  10. Kevin says:

    Put the PGA back to August . Who cares about Fedex.

  11. iasonevan says:

    I have to imagine Tiger turning down 9 figures from The Crown had to be based partially at least in the fact that their reputation isn't great, so as a policy board member, I can't imagine he'd be too thrilled with PiF having a seat. If he's acting like everything's all hunky dory and is all smiles with Monahan if the deal actually goes down, that'd be a red flag. Why the change of heart all of a sudden? How do you go from turning down 9 figures to all of a sudden being cool with PiF basically running the show. He who holds the purse strings has the power.

    If I'm Tiger, I'm doing all I can to oust Monahan. Dude's a liability.

  12. Ken Roh says:

    So essentially, sponsors are tired of no names winning the bigger pga events

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