Phigolf review – Home golf simulator review – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

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I recently bought the Phigolf mobile golf game simulator to test how good it is for serious golfers. In this Phigolf review I test it at home on my TV in my living room, and take it to a Full Swing golf simulator at Toppgolf outside of Oslo, to see how it compares to a big and accurate golf simulator.

How good is the Phigolf system for serious golfers? Find out in this video.


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11 Replies to “Phigolf review – Home golf simulator review – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!”

  1. Mike Mazza says:

    dudes hands are backwards

  2. Real says:

    Attaching to the butt end of the grip is dangerous as the clubhead can do things that won't be reflected in the grip end of the club.

  3. appreciate the honest review!

  4. Eric Coe says:

    Lars needs to take up bowling lol.

  5. I have an Airbnb villa, what system do you recommend I buy if it is just for fun?

  6. JobuRum says:

    I thought Phigolf site said not to use real golf balls.

  7. Great honest and clear opinion. Tx!

  8. Nice comparison … the deviation is to be expected but … came more close then I would imagine. ImI

  9. Great tip. Are you going to make more vidoes with your friend? His so funny! šŸ˜†

  10. Owen Collins says:

    nice review man!šŸ‘

  11. Golf Duff says:

    Do you want to buy the Phigolf for your family? Then use this affiliate link, to help my channel get a small commission:

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