Philippines Lifestyle…Driving Range Offers 50 Balls for $1.40 USD? Now That's a Bargain.

Join us aboard the Tesla Chopper for our nightly stroll. We ended up at Angeles Sports & Country Club. The driving range costs 80 pesos for 50 balls. You can rent individual clubs for 80 pesos each or the full set for 500 pesos.

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22 Replies to “Philippines Lifestyle…Driving Range Offers 50 Balls for $1.40 USD? Now That's a Bargain.”

  1. Karl Joson says:

    Where is this located? Thanks

  2. suni214 says:

    the chopper just keeps on giving back with so much new places to find.The kids love riding on the chopper.

  3. suni214 says:

    Fatima is #!backseatdriver!!and forrest G is ready to trhow it in reverse if he spots any ladies!!

  4. suni214 says:

    maria spotted ballons from a distance!!

  5. suni214 says:

    i think it is time to bring your crew back to the airfield and have warner take the girls up for flights

  6. suni214 says:

    thanks to the chopper u are finding all kinds of nice places to explore

  7. Kelly chaves says:

    Without letting yr wifes there take too much advangetage of you is good enough …i felt pity for your wife even shes not bring all her siblings to stay with u ….be a man okay? Cannot spend even on daily groceries better dont settle there

  8. Kelly chaves says:

    Too calculative even on small groceries how to retire there? ..theres no meaning calculating small things all your life there…

  9. ScubaPro says:

    Rollin on the Walmart Mobility Scooter…happy days bro.

  10. Tina Raphael says:

    Exploring the abandon neighborhood Markos and discovered the Golf Club its a good day.

  11. Byron Thayer says:

    Big B from Florida 🌴 #34 on station and riding "shotgun" on the Tesla Chopper!

  12. Mark ONeill says:

    Great video, lol

  13. Carl Smith says:

    I think it would make a better video if you loaded up Fatima with all the laundry and walked beside her filming. Ask her to pick up the pace, that kind of thing.

  14. Will3zr4 says:

    That is definitely my kinda place, it's got that rugged "post Escobar" feeling about it. Heaps of character

  15. Jones0u812 says:

    That place is awesome take note of the palm tree in the front it's shaped like a fan I can't wait to see you drink some beers and hit those balls

  16. I'm a nervous wreck after that ride 😱hope the pig is good. Did you move? Everything looks different. MeMe in Texas USA🇺🇸

  17. I have very little experience driving golf balls, the few times I’ve tried it I could nail it most swings but everyone once in awhile I would totally whiff. If I lived near there I’d probably be there at least a couple times a week and get proficient. But I’m not there, I’m here on this sinking ship. Man I feel sorry for all them filipino chickens. But even worse for their pigs, I’ve seen how they’re raised. Usually 2 in a cage that’s not even big enough for 1. Unable to even turn around. Seriously man, I think people who treat animals as such, will pay one way or another for their cruelty.

  18. Ahhhh💔. Thank u Over S Road M.
    Great music . I havebeen there in golf place it was 👌

  19. Jo Barbery says:

    Nice to see the family out on tour on the Tesla chopper , and bargain for those golf balls , take care

  20. AR ES says:

    Fatima hopped off the chopper quick to make sure she got her lechon baboy. She was not going to be satisfied with just smelling it.

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