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The PA School mock interview provides valuable insights into the applicant’s diverse background and journey towards becoming a PA. The interview showcases the applicant’s compelling experiences, such as being adopted from India, early healthcare work, and military service, which serve as strong motivations for pursuing a career in the medical field. The applicant’s adept handling of a challenging patient situation reflects their effective conflict resolution skills. Additionally, the interview reveals a transformation from a follower to a confident leader, evident in their role as a command fitness leader in the military. Overall, the interview presents a well-structured and engaging approach to answering interview questions, while also highlighting the applicant’s passion for photography, golf, running, and weightlifting as part of their personal pursuits.


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About me:

I’m Michele Neskey, aka The Posh PA. Welcome to my channel! My mission is to provide personalized guidance, education, and motivation to build confidence and promote wellness for aspiring physician assistants and beyond.

Having been a PA for 17+ years and helped hundreds of students gain acceptance into PA school, I understand the admissions process. I know what they are looking for, and I can help you tailor every component to make you shine, giving you the BEST chance of getting accepted to a program. But it doesn’t end there. I create personalized plans for PA students and practicing PAs including test-taking strategy for the PANCE, contract negotiations, and tools to overcome and prevent provider burnout.

My goal is to get you into a physician assistant (PA) school & survive the rigorous program, help you prevent burnout as a practicing PA, and help you take care of yourself so you can be the best version of YOU for your patients, family, and most importantly YOU!

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