Piers Morgan GRILLS "Female Andrew Tate" Pearl Davis For Her Antisemitic Song

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by controversial YouTuber Pearl Davis and attorney and founder of End Jew Hatred Brooke Goldstein to confront Pearl and ask her why she posted a song that seemed to question the validity of the Holocaust and also is asked whether she would like to apologise for releasing this song.

Pearl explains that she was trying to question why people are cancelled for even speaking on the subject but Piers questions why she suggests that the more conspiracy theories she hears about it, the more she understands the anti-holocaust point of view.

Brooke then gives a powerful argument to Pearl telling her she’s simply being one of many influencers and online commentators who just grow and profit through sensationalism. Piers asks Pearl if she deleted the video because she felt guilty but Pearl doubles down and suggests she only deleted it because the controversy was ‘becoming a headache’.

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44 Replies to “Piers Morgan GRILLS "Female Andrew Tate" Pearl Davis For Her Antisemitic Song”

  1. Fuhgetabatit says:

    🤣🤣🤣 her face at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

  2. H00dRich2825 says:

    Complaining about hate speech while showing how much she hates pearl 😂

  3. K Will says:

    Pearl proved the point, you can’t discuss it and when you do you get yelled at, canceled and called absurd names. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTED TO PROVE. I don’t even know this girl.

  4. I think censorship is important crappy racist people shouldn't be aloud to speak.

  5. Henrik Vega says:

    Piers wouldn’t let her speak, kinda sad, I like their debates but you can clearly see this was a set up.

  6. I think it’s funny that Pearl has more followers than Piers. The adage of “it’s mostly people below you want you to see you fail holds true. Piers is the proverbial crab in a bucket. I loved when the guest agreed with Pearl. Piers added to the reality that the song was accurate.

  7. Either Piers Morgan is a simple minded dope, or he wants the outrage points for his ratings. H. Pearl Davis is making the same point Noam Chomsky made when he wrote the introduction for a book by a Holocaust denier: the subject is irrelevant — what's important is that no speech should be disallowed for any reason (except maybe 'direct' incitement to violence). I'm not saying I agree with this but Piers is completely missing Pearl's point, deliberately or not.

  8. Steel Bubble says:

    bruhh don't make this petty thing sound like an issue.

  9. krylancelo says:

    lemme just say also, watching this is horrible

    Poor Pearl.

    Clearly they did her wrong.
    They swarm unto her and had their speech practice.

  10. krylancelo says:

    Why must Pierce think that generally it would hurt Jewish people? Is he jewish?

    Pearl already explained.

    I don't see the point lf making this a big issue.

    Sometimes you just got to delete your post because you're avoiding trouble from people who makes an issue on you.

  11. RS says:

    "But are you sorry?"

    Shut up Piers, stop trying to get apologies on your show.

    Claims to believe in free speech and tries to play both sides

  12. She could've picked a hundred different ways to talk about absolute free speech and cancel culture and she chose that way. Also, she says she doesn't have an opinion either way when it comes to Hitler and the holocaust which is fine but just admit what you were getting at Pearl.

  13. Pearl was weak, far too neutral… say what you think, that’s why you made the song.

  14. Chris says:

    Unbelievable hypocrisy from Piers again. Supposed to be supporting freedom of speech, but only when it aligns with his own opinion. The show is a joke: called Piers Morgan Uncensored but has the aim of shutting down people or pressuring them into apologising for saying words. "Sticks and Stones" people, grow the hell up! These snowflakes are the reason this society is on course to collapse by the end of the decade.

    For the record: I don't like Hitler, I can't think of one good thing about him – but you should be able to talk, debate, or use irony / dry humour to open uncomfortable areas of conversation.

  15. Social media is the new town square. However, bringing up certain ideas, certain people, and certain events is a sure-fire way to generate controversy. Controversy = attention and sensationalism = money. That's been true since the days before social media. It's not about "free speech." It's about stirring people up and getting attention and the Almighty Like. And there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  16. Pretty Kitty says:

    Pearl also said that slavery “wasn’t that bad” because some of the slaves “liked their masters”. Among other hate speech statements she’s made. Then she always acts dumbfounded that people were disgusted. She needs to not have a platform as she encourages hate and violence.

  17. hako hope says:

    We all agree no one can talk about Israel 😊

  18. dd12 says:

    Piers Morgan you are such a coward!!! Pearl was completely right.

  19. Ally Silver says:

    We should cancel piers M ; thats fact

  20. Is Morgan Deaf or Stupid 😂

  21. They are not banning hate speech but rather banning speech “ THEY HATE “ big difference

  22. Katie Hall says:

    Debating hitler VS free speech is quite disturbing. Tongue and cheek? What is the message you're trying to project? I do believe that everyone has an opinion and perspective HOWEVER there is right and wrong. Millions of people died. Some survivors who still live today. Survivors of the most horrific experiences. Have some awareness. Dont be so incredibly selfish to gain views and deeming this whole thing because you're "cancelled". Im disappointed in you, i hope this experience can help you understand and grow as a person.

  23. Andrew S says:

    Why did you have your producers make her think you were going to have a nice interview and then change it to “I’m gonna go hard on you” last second? And then you came up with some bs about a song? Do you not have a research team to check these things for you? I thought you were better than this

  24. in free spech you seek the truth, clearly Pearl is not antisemitic, it pays the broadcasters to make her so, clearly free speech is absolute…even if it offends someone, thats the point, that is why dictators dont allow it.

  25. this was a complete set up by piss morgan, he bends with the wind to get views.

  26. Peirs Morgan obviously blindsided her on his show. How exactly is her song "antiSemitic"? All I saw during that few second clip was her asking questions about why you aren't allowed to ask questions about the Jews. And yet Jewish commentators and politicians have no issue with actually attacking Christianity (as opposed to merely asking questions).

  27. Al Ham says:

    Brooke Goldstein is one hate-filled woman. Low-keyed and high-keyed insulting Pearl all over who is claims to be a free speech absolutist but is in favor of censoring and cancelling. And Piers "Irony" Morgan calling his show Uncensored and then saying that he thinks people who do offend Jews should be censored? Dang.

  28. Walrus King says:

    I dont think she understands what "inciting violence" means

  29. I mean the views to likes ratio says it all. Nobody really likes pierce he tries his hardest to stay relevant so he chases after these internet celebs. Its kind of cringe imo but hey fame and money amiright

  30. Before everyone's going its only a 1 minute song. Get enlightened

  31. Pearl did really well defending herself against a bully.

  32. Lovely girl says:

    I don’t care about the song it’s dumb but she’s a known grifter and does not denounce nick Fuentes

  33. Today i woke up feeling like a capibara. Tomorrow i think i am a giraffe!

  34. Piers getsd louder, then speaks,,,,,,speak loud, win the conv, then speak………………….quite annoying

  35. B I says:

    Big L to you. It’s disappointing seeing you be such a hypocrite

  36. Piers is a snake and cant be taken serious

  37. hagabear says:

    She thought she was funny and it bit her in the ass. Her nervous laughs are very telling. She is creating a false narrative and claims shes a victim.

  38. Piers work for the company..

  39. john jones says:

    "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

  40. I've seen Pearl do a few interviews now. She has to be one of the least articulate, least thoughtful people out there.

  41. Cancel Pearce Morgan

  42. Shoshanna says:

    This narcissistic sociopath thought she was funny and deleted it because the holocaust is not tongue in cheek and should never be minimized. Genocide, in any capacity, for that matter, should never be minimized by attempted humor.

  43. Jbonejacon says:

    This chick is just pathetic

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