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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest Ping G30 irons to see how they perform on GC2 using real golf balls. Rick also talks about how they are different from the older ping range such as the Ping G25 irons.


24 Replies to “PING G30 IRONS REVIEW”

  1. Golfislife says:

    Nice Cobra Rad Speed Shirt 😂

  2. Erik Alvarez says:

    Just found a nice 4-iron for 15 bucks

  3. zodyhalliday says:

    Are these any good for a novice

  4. The no facial hair is messing with me!! But looking at a second hand set of these so gotta watch lol and I can see the change in the swing from here to now

  5. J B says:

    Its now 2021 and I'm still playing wit this irons

  6. idk. says:

    Help earphones g30 gaming bring me here

  7. Studio Edin says:

    I love these clubs, cant see what the upgrade would be, its a Great feel and I like The looks too. G410 or g700 maybe?

  8. Tom Dotson says:

    I bought these brand new custom fitted I love them

  9. Ossamakilla says:

    Since buying them I've increased my distance buy 15 to 20 yards per club. My old ones were good, but these are just so easy and smooth.

  10. Ossamakilla says:

    Ping changed the iron world with the Eye 2's. I own them, and just bought these!

  11. Luis Repreza says:

    Rick, I'm actually using the Ping g30 irons and I'm very happy with them, however, I'm planning to update my clubs. What irons do you think will perform close or better than the ping G30 irons. I don't really work the ball. I'm a pretty much straighter golf hitter. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my question

  12. great videos. I just bought G30 irons 5-SW, W, UW, green dot with a normal steel shaft 1/2" added length.. I use a ping K15 5 wood and a G25 driver off the tee. when I'm hitting the driver straight (problem with slice) or with a little fade. I only get about 10-15 yrds more then the 5 wood. drives are 200-230 avg. longer when I really nail it. the k15-5 wood is my default club off the tee. I can hit the new G30 5 iron 190-200yds.. seems I don't get a big difference in my wood lengths. I'll be trying some of your tips on hitting your driver straighter and longer in the hope that gets me straighter and longer drives with the G25.

  13. I love these clubs 🙂 bought them a year ago and they helped me drop from 30 to 13! Awesome game improvements!

  14. adri vreeke says:

    Such an athletic golf swing you have thank you

  15. james eadie says:

    I bought a set of G30's which I am hitting much further than my MP4's and finding that I am enjoying playing with G30's over my Mizuno's . . I also bought the G30 Driver and now considering the 3 & 5 wood . . with a 22 degree Hybrid, I am very impressed with these clubs

  16. FSAUDIOGUY says:

    I hit these recently, I was impressed with the distance, height, and feel. Thanks for the in depth review Rick! 🙂

  17. These vs Callaway XR's? Will almost defs be getting one or the other!

  18. James Crowe says:

    Enjoyed the review Rick
    In the process of changing my mizuno mx100 irons for the ping g30s
    Technology has really advanced over the last 6 /7 years
    Don't forget us 20 plus handicappers
    Regards Jimmy

  19. I'm watching this now as have been tested for these clubs so i am considering buying them and i have taken a 7 out on the course and i naturally hit the all with a fade and with these clubs they seem to go dead straight which is good! Great review! Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional Manchester

  20. boaz63 says:

    Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but what is the computer device you're using to measure all the stats? Thanks for the great review.

  21. Hooter Bear says:

    could you review  the Powerbilt Air Force One DFX Tour Black Driver……..thank you!

  22. test these on the course..

  23. I tested these last week and had the exact same reaction on the 5 iron. The ball seemed to rocket of the 5 iron and felt so satisfying. Great review!

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