Pitching Tips & Drills!! Golf Monthly

► In this video, Luke Peterken offers some simple, effective advice to help with your pitching game.

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9 Replies to “Pitching Tips & Drills!! Golf Monthly”

  1. K C says:

    The Achilles heel of most medium and high handicappers who often hit them fat or thin. Not the best video for clarity of message, too many variables considered.

  2. Simon Hague says:

    Hi Neil, in terms of other video options – would be good to get something in terms of shot and club selection on chip shots (30 yards and in) to different pin and slope conditions e.g. to a back pin with slope back to front etc…

  3. Eric Racine says:

    Why aim slightly left?

  4. Bobby K says:

    Great tips. I practice by picking a 50-75 yd target and hit 5 or six shots starting with a sand wedge and working all the way down to 8 iron. It comes in handy when there are severe slopes on the green.

  5. George Jones says:

    How much shaft lean at adress?

  6. Muffin 007 says:

    Them honma wedges 😍😍😍

  7. You have the single greatest name in golf.

  8. Stuart King says:

    Great tips this were I'm struggling with my game

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