PKA 659 W/ Goldenboy: Dog Women Of Boston, Optic & Faze Love Triangle, Controversial Trip With Lizzo

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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guests. Taylor the sponsors
0:00:13 – Goldenboy’s good/bad experiences of working with G4 and MLG
0:11:07 – Money in esports, DramaAlert origins & eSport’s biggest scandals
0:18:50 – How Woody could’ve become an Olympic swimmer (more esports talk)
0:26:19 – Electric unicycle salesmen, Segways & Kyle’s skateboard tank
0:31:59 – Taylor’s lonely hockey training & the luxury life of an NFL kicker
0:36:16 – Tiger Wood proves why “working harder” doesn’t always work out..
0:38:43 – Kyle’s wasp sting surprise & Taylor’s secret beekeeping hobby
0:45:41 – Taking care of wild snakes/rodents in your house the American way
0:49:27 – How Kyle is trying to keep his dog artificially breathing with a big box
0:55:18 – Adjusting to Colorado altitude & the upcoming blue SUPER moon
0:58:19 – NASA’s new streaming service & why Hulu SUCKS as a platform
1:03:05 – Kyle and Goldernboy nerd out over Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
1:07:04 – PKA react to the OUTRAGEOUS Lizzo lawsuit + harassment claims
1:14:12 – Why being a Taylor Swift lackey could be worth a cool $200k/year
1:17:43 – The world’s top 10 richest artists & 50 Cent’s “VitaminWater” grift
1:25:09 – Jack-in-the-Box’s E. coli kids & why Kyle will NEVER eat a salad again
1:32:19 – Poisoned peanuts, Perdue chicken & why farmers markets are the GOAT
1:34:55 – Kyle’s hilariously low tolerance to stomach aches & raw oysters..
1:38;40 – Will Connor McGregor ever compete in the UFC again? PKA debates
1:46:01 – Tag team boxing & the GREATEST 9 YO boxing matchup of ALL time
1:50:05 – West Virginia poverty, Detroit migration & Kyle’s love life with a junkie
1:54:32 – The untrained Somalian woman who entered an international 100m race
1:57:25 – If PKA had a surprise running competition… Who would win?!
1:59:34 – Woody and Kyle talk rifle tracing and the “10,000 rounds” theory
2:02:07 – Curiously scented candles & the world’s most easily-caught criminals
2:04:20 – Ad reads: Pharoah Distro, Lock and Load & Blue
2:11:07 – PKA reacts to Trump being indicted for his involvement in Jan 6th, 2022
2:33:11 – Rudi Giuliani: From America’s mayor to America’s embarrassment?
2:37:35 – Why Saddam Hussein and his family were comic book villain level BAD
2:40:54 – Were the Spartans historical tough guys or is it all a movie myth?
2:44:33 – Jon Jons or Brock Lesnar: Who should rep Earth in a 1v1 alien conflict?
2:48:14 – The 24/7 movie set mischief of Arnold Schwarzeneggar & Jesse Ventura
2:51:20 – MMA talk: Don’t mess with Mark Hunt, Alex Volkanowski or the Zuck!
2:57:34 – More MMA talk: Sean Strickland, Derrick Lewis & why UFC isn’t boxing
3:04:24 – Goldenboy explains why he loves WWE and professional wrestling
3:09:02 – Medieval Times: A lame dinner show or AWESOME PKA meet up spot?
3:12:42 – The YouTube prankster with the booty cheeks of a GOD
3:16:30 – Goldenboy shouts out his social medias and leaves the show
3:17:19 – PKA reacts to F1NN5TER’s romantic interests & the Barbie movie
3:20:33 – Here’s why you should NEVER steal cigs from a Sikh store clerk!
3:28:17 – Kyle’s chicken farm shovel smacking & pre-prison p3do beatdown justice!
3:34:36 – Taylor’s shady experiences of working as a rental car/insurance salesman
3:40:50 – Politics talk: Ukrainian beach blasts & Majorie Taylor Green vs the Bidens
3:49:38 – PKA’s encounters w/ nose candy & miracle weight loss pill (Ozempic)
4:00:20 – Kyle’s extreme weight cut process & why UFC weight cuts are EASY
4:08:40 – The guys call it a show


42 Replies to “PKA 659 W/ Goldenboy: Dog Women Of Boston, Optic & Faze Love Triangle, Controversial Trip With Lizzo”

  1. Dr.supernoob says:

    Once again Woody shows how completely out of touch with reality he is

  2. C G says:

    Video showing someone putting a manual transmission in reverse while driving forward that Kyle talks about at 3:38:30

  3. Josh Gravitt says:

    She didn’t return docs she bleached her computer

  4. lucky * says:

    Woodys intros are classic

  5. King Cold says:

    McDonalds has exactly that burger with nacho cheese and jalapeños that Kyle was talking about right now

  6. Florida Man says:

    The Nate and Logan before thoughts didn’t age well. I’m surprised Diaz lost but not really. Looked like a drunken sailor struggling to stand.

  7. Kyle slipping in "allegedly" made me laugh hard

  8. 1:50:30 "any beauty is lost through the poverty because I'm a spoiled southern pos"

  9. What's with Woody's video quality; Its the same quality from like the episodes from 7-8 years ago

  10. Dylan Deane says:

    3:14:19 Woody admitting to being a motherless regular, oof

  11. So GB and Woody ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Trump instigated Jan 6th huh? That's insane, they're going to be in for a rude awaking when he gets acquitted on all charges.

  12. When In think of who has their finger on the pulse of America, it's jobless millionaires who live in mansions with silly expensive aerial hobbies.

  13. 02:20:50


  14. disjoint says:

    catamite is the man, boy relationship they talked about at around ~ 2:40:00

  15. J m says:

    2:26:14 “nobody else refused to return the documents” he had documents for like a year.. biden had documents in like 9 different places for 8 fuckinf years and this is ok cuz nobody called him out. But with trump it’s hissy fit time

  16. Ryan Belloso says:

    For Woody to call himself a politics nerd, he must be willfully misinformed.

  17. I’m almost positive Lil Wayne is supposed to be on that wealthiest musician list

  18. Woody is so detached from the real world but will swear he knows what's going on

  19. Woody out here asking for felonies

  20. John Hoover says:

    Woody is legit brainwashed, still love him tho.

  21. Woody saying the left isn't coming for your children has clearly never seen the video of the giant parade of trans people marching and chanting literally "we are coming for your children"

  22. Brian Hunter says:

    Did anyone catch where Kyle breaks and repeats his story verbatim

  23. Shea Black says:

    Just spreading misinformation about schools when none of the current hosts have school age children

  24. GBs camera dropping frames as he talked about frame rates was hilarious

  25. T Banks says:

    Sean Strickland on PKA would be legendary

  26. itzAndy says:

    Pka could easily get Sean Strickland I’ve seen much smaller channels get interviews

  27. Woodys take on the skipping intros didn’t even make sense I’m pretty sure he’s just saying thing at this point.

  28. The girl who got hit with the shovel died in the hospital from the brain swelling

  29. Joshua Jim says:

    You guys should get Kyle prison buddy Snow on.

  30. Roger says:

    Woody is so indoctrinated. Everything trump is accused of has been done worse by Biden, Hilary and Obama

  31. CHEESE says:

    Where did they find that a gram of blow is 180 $80 is standard

  32. yellowknite9 says:

    Trump 2024, we know who the enemies are.

  33. NUC13AR says:


  34. NUC13AR says:

    i like how these lib cuhcks can say rudy is weird but draw the line at biden smelling kids

  35. Not a singular person needs 9/11 explained

  36. TheMursenary says:

    Woody inches closer to being a CNN host every show. Trump “led a riot at the capitol?” What? Jesus Christ woody.

  37. Farmy says:

    Kyle “I Don’t Like Water” Myers

  38. the guy who pulls stuff up is soooo bad at his job fr fr

  39. For the record, coke costs less per gram the more you buy…. And in most places you'd be hard pressed to buy a single gram.

  40. 1:08:43 oh you would notice Woody, and you would be terrified.

  41. In a manual if you dump the clutch at speed you are going to either spin a bearing in the motor or jump timing and grenade the motor if you're going fast enough. Otherwise you just bounce the motor off of the rev limiter.

    Automatics will just slip as mentioned. The computer senses you are going too fast and unlocks the torque converter

  42. Ah more woody terrible takes

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