Play this game on the golf course – simple golf lesson

6 Replies to “Play this game on the golf course – simple golf lesson”

  1. Ahh the classic two club too many approach game 😂

  2. alan crowe says:

    I have trouble under 70 yards.

  3. b Watts says:

    I’m terrible at hitting knock down shots so defo going to try this 👍

  4. Joe Perez says:

    I did this exact thing 2 years ago when I wanted to work on my "knockdown" shots. Took two clubs too much, choked down 2 inches on the grip, and tried to have a low finish on the follow-through. I hit every approach shot from 110 yards in, for the ENTIRE season. PW = 80 yds, 9 Iron = 90 yds, 8 Iron – 100 yds.

  5. Philip Lee says:

    @markcrossfield, love your videos, you've really helped my game, thank you, 'your welcome'

  6. Mystery Man says:

    I use a half set so i play this all the time 😅

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