Prepare for the Property & Casualty Exam: General Insurance Terms, Co-insurance & ProRata Math

Hi, I am Melissa, the Insurance Exam Queen. I’m the most requested Exam Prep Instructor in the U.S. and have helped thousands of people pass their Property & Casualty and Life & Health insurance exam with ease.

With a long string of ONLY 5 star reviews, I’ve become known for my casual and simple teaching style, and my students love the fun memorization techniques, charts, graphs and other visual aides I use to help you understand the material.

Most of my students pass their 1st or next time after going through one of my Class Series Packages. I simplify everything, tell you what to study, and even include everything from Study Notes to my own personal Practice Test to help you focus ONLY on what you need to know in order to pass the test.

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If you love ALL the fun details and back story…keep reading.

In my years of working for companies like United Healthcare and Hagerty where I was the most requested instructor, I determined the quickest way to pass the state licensing insurance exam.

My method is to focus on the most tested topics for all four state licensing exams (Property & Casualty, and Life & Health) and knowing and understanding the most tested topics instead of memorizing practice exam questions. (Tip: You should not be doing quizzes or practice exams very much and if you are- STOP. The questions in your course will not be the same questions on your exam.)

Knowing and understanding the material will serve you far better than multiple hours doing practice questions, which is why my class series packages (see link below) have seriously become a GAME CHANGER for securing that pass!

I get numerous messages each day from delighted students who passed their test after watching my videos and taking my courses that explain how to pass the Property & Casualty and Life & Health state insurance exams in the simplest of terms.

I would love to help you secure your pass!

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