Hey guys 🤘😀
In this video I, Jonathan a beginner at disc golf, is challenging Johannes, who´s been playing for 25+ years. Thing is that Johannes can only use a really understable and light weight beginner disc. I on the other hand can use as many discs as I want.

Hope you will enjoy the video. Have a great day! ❤

We tried this with a really super overstable disc also:

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47 Replies to “PRO DISC GOLFER (1 DISC) vs BEGINNER (FULL BAG) #2”

  1. Latitude 64 says:

    Roses are red, the sky is blue, here are some very nice stuff for you ❤ /Jonathan

  2. These guys are so fun. More backwards somersaults!

  3. Frank Cowan says:

    Hugs guys.

  4. mike says:

    love watching johannes and johnathon!

  5. Remember everyone. Paul Macbeth shot under par at DeLa with a starter pack. Lol

  6. Would be kinda fun To see Jonathan go for a discgolf-roadtrip around sweden, norway and finland. To see the difference in coursedesingn and have a beginner opinion about differend courses

  7. sensus says:

    Whats the song called at the Final Hole?

  8. FrolfLungren says:

    Jonathan you are one of the best disc golf personalities making youtube content.

  9. Definitely want to see more content

  10. Mike T says:

    Definitely some sort of source…so many ants!! I laughed out loud… literally.

  11. "Should be fine." Lmao

  12. Svenstrup says:

    Vilken bana är detta? =)

  13. Bammer_494 says:

    when Johannes popped out behind the bush at the11min mark and Johnathan said hello that shit had me laughing hard 😂 haha. These guys are great for a laugh while learning tips

  14. Best disc golf videos ever, guys!

  15. LMB9888 says:

    You have a risky risky gap over….say no more.

  16. Jay Pence says:

    Frist throw noose up

  17. You have help my game so much, keep the videos coming

  18. I’m seriously loving everything with Jonathan. Y’all make me want to move to Scandinavia.

  19. friskis says:

    hello! is understable and light weight = -1-2-3-4? im new 🙂

  20. Eric Parker says:

    This channel is quickly becoming a go to. I enjoy is because I just started and watching you play with guys that are pros is wholesome and I can see how I would match up lol. Great stuff latitude 64

  21. I'd like to see you guys play a round with just the Latitude 64 Bite.

  22. Surprisingly, Jonathan almost has a southern American accent.

  23. Jenner Bird says:

    Your comments about Thomas @ 4:14 cracked me up 😂😂 love the videos, keep it up!

  24. @ 6:44 why does his leg look funny or is it just me lol

  25. No Problem says:

    Some invest in jacking off others disc golf.

  26. GuitarNTabs says:

    I really enjoy all the videos you guys are making, all of you! Keep up the good work!
    I have some nice Latitude 64 discs on the way, and I can't wait to try them out!
    Cheers, guys!

  27. Aither says:

    Source of ants.. 😅

  28. Jono says:

    I found this channel today and I love it.
    You guys are fantastic on camera

  29. john thorson says:

    “Let’s see how Frodo putts” priceless

  30. Debbiebabe69 says:

    lol that is not much of a handicap to the beginner! 99.9% of players use one disc only, they wouldnt know where to start with multi-disc!

  31. John Dick says:

    F**k, this channel is funny!! Keep it up 😀

  32. PiikachUwU says:

    I'd love to try it but doesn't seem to be many active places to do it in Australia

  33. Dyvel says:

    The thing with beginners' discs is that they make any experienced player look like a beginner.

  34. Dyvel says:

    Ant sources are the worst!

  35. Basil Lalli says:

    Where'd you get that "The Last Hole" music? That was some good stuff.

  36. shadow slaze says:

    I love the pearl and tursas since I don’t have a forehand throw.

  37. Luke Levy says:

    Quality content

  38. King Bouncer says:

    I don't even know what disc golf is. I don't know either of these guys. Please, YouTube, let me sleep.

  39. dyedie1 says:

    I didn't even know disc golf existed lol looks cool

  40. I like to watch videos because i dont even have one disc

  41. A beginner with a full bag that needs to ask what discs he has in the bag. Yea, he would've played better using one or two discs instead.

  42. Xrelent says:

    I relate to Jonathan skillwise. Smooth looking releases, just wayyy off target.

  43. Love the commentary 🙂 Started playing four weeks ago, now I have 18 Latitude 64 discs 😛

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