Quick Tips: Just Opening A New Fenix 7 or Epix?

If you’re just about to get a Fenix 7 or Epix, be sure you follow this quick. tip first, else you’ll be missing key new features. And, since you paid for them – you might as well get them!

I quickly walk through getting your Fenix 7 or Epix series watch to the current production firmware, which helps ensure you’ve got all the latest features like phone-based data field configuration and Stamina, which will otherwise be missing.

Oh, here’s the charging stand you see in the video: https://amzn.to/3hOWJCa

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48 Replies to “Quick Tips: Just Opening A New Fenix 7 or Epix?”

  1. bike314 says:

    What is that watch stand/charger that you used in the video?

  2. HD Media says:

    Hello Ray,

    Were you wearing the smaller version of the instinct 2 here ? Looks sooo small on your wrist ))

  3. Another video that can’t get to the point.

  4. My Epix Gen 2 have 11 GB Map update. Never compete even if it is night long connected with Net. Help please.

  5. Kevin Bahr says:

    question, does the fenix watch support the aUDIBLE APP OR WHICH GARMIN WATCH SUPPORTS THE AUDIBLE App

  6. B Tron says:

    My fenix 7x crushessssss

  7. I just gotta know…. is it possible to use my watch for my strava hrm sensor? I can get everything else syncing amazingly myfitnesspall and all my strava data but I'm not getting him availability inside of strava

  8. Mdogbrown says:

    I just need a walkthrough on how to download a map/navigation to the watch. For example; hiking a mountain in the Rockies. Some mountains have trails that aren’t easily visible and having a navigator would be extremely helpful. Let’s say I want to hike Capital Peak in Colorado, how would I get the trail map on my watch?

  9. DJ Young says:

    I didn't see the garmin express app in the apple store. Has it been renamed or has everything been updated?

  10. David Tullar says:

    It would be helpful is you would take a breath once in a while and slow down your presentation just a little.

  11. Jakub Doubal says:

    Worked perfectly 👍👍

  12. JAY CUTLER says:

    Just bought EPIX and this is something very important I came across…..Thank you……always watch you super reviews

  13. S G says:

    I'm not running Windows or Apple OS — I'm running Linux

  14. ED says:

    This watch is sooo good and 10% off right now!

  15. mr022389 says:

    Dumb ass garmin express won't work on my chrome book literally can't even update my 1100 fenix 7s solar

  16. Rammaldinho says:

    Hi, could someone with the watch tell if you can track the weight you lift, say for squats, over time? So would it produce a graph on the app with volume / sets / reps etc?

  17. This guy is wearing 2 watches…😂

  18. issabell says:

    What if you don’t have a laptop. I only have 2 work laptops which are locked for 3rd parties and and an IPad…anyone knows any workarounds ?

  19. Alexаnder says:

    this isn't tips. It's more about updating your firmware to get the latest features

  20. f1o7x9 says:

    I got my watch a week ago and i was watching this video and guess what happen in the middle of this video? And update is ready to install. Make me drop my coffee lol

  21. Hi,i just got the fenix 7x and is very happy with it. I have watched many videos from you about it and learned alot. thanks for making this videos:)) I have a question: On work i have to takeoff my watch because i dont want anything to happen with my clock. Before i had fitbit and it would sync my steps from the mobile phone to my fitbit clock. Is this possible with the 7x and garmin connect? I use a Samsung 8 and there it has something called Samsung health. Is it possible to connect this with garmin connect?

  22. H2o says:

    Just got my epix, had fenix 5 what a change.

  23. Geoff says:

    Excellent reviews. Great work. I’ve seen some faces for the Epix 2 that have a blue background, I can’t find them unless they’re custom faces or it’s just a reflection from the video? The stand looks like the CAVN stand on Amazon? The links take us to a charging cable. Can you show the UK link please.

  24. Jared White says:

    Hey DC can you do a specific vid saying why I should choose a Phoenix 7 over an Apple Watch say series 6 or seven

  25. Just received my Tactix 7 pro. I can't get it to receive SMS notifications. Anyone have the same problem or a solution?

  26. Nasser K says:

    Just received my watch, updates are being installed, thats really useful Thanks man. I like the stand too it really makes some difference

  27. Great tip and your complere guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLJ01lWu89c was excellent but very unimpressed with the start up experience from Garmin. It is almost though we have flogged you the watch and we don't care after that. I compare that to what it was like transfering from my iPad 2 Air to my iPad Pro last week. A whole different experience. I have subscribed!

  28. are the rumours about Fenix 7 Standard edition GPS being worse than the other Fenix 7 editions true?

  29. Ace video, like always. I have just started up my Epix and it seems to connect to wifi ok. It came out the box on 6.57…

  30. I wish I knew they were making a Tactix 7 pro, before buying the 7XSS

  31. TONY REYES says:

    Best bang for the buck is the Garmin D2 Mach 1 shipped in 3 days and epic 2 ships in 5 to 8 weeks and the watch looks better with all the same software and a better looking appearance

  32. MTB YB says:

    i was really disappointed to see that trailforks is not compatible with the fenix 7x solar

  33. Wow you are a life safer. I just bought my 900$ fenix 7 and notice the bug or older firmware issues that u have mentioned.. will be upgrading my firmware soon via garmin express once i finished watchin this video…thanks a lot for the wonderful tips

  34. Have a Fenix 7 coming, cant wait. Your comparison and run through clips helpt me alot choosing Fenix version, thanks !

    Tbh Garmin should just force the update first time turning on/Connecting the watch

    Anyway thanks for the tip👍

  35. Finally got my Epix 2 and had to deal with an endless ‘Saving’ loop but I think this was because of the outdated firmware. Thanks for the tip

  36. René Seeder says:

    Why so long delivery problems with the Epix 2 Black Saphire?

  37. Shocking that this video needed to be made.

  38. Alan _ says:

    Hi, DC…. Do you something about 945 lossing conection with Edge on Extended Display function?

  39. I am curious about that watch stand…

  40. Eddykk says:

    I found annoying don’t know how to call up the animation workouts in my Epix2

  41. Lombardispot says:

    Update over wireless didn’t take long for me on my recently purchased Fenix 7x sapphire

  42. Kevin Bujold says:

    Funny enough I got the Fenix7 on launch day and I basically randomly decided to charge it through my PC and connect garmin express before playing with it doing the update in the process. My back button turned out to be faulty and stick once in a while, I started the exchange process but only got the new one yesterday (though I got to keep the bad one in the meantinme).I put the new on my wrist straight out of the box and was so confused when the features I had gotten used to like editing the data fields had dissapered.

  43. That this video still needs to be made is saddening.

  44. Have you tried loading a KMZ Custom Map on the Fenix 7 ?
    I bought a 6X Pro, was told that it worked on the 5, but I can't get it to work on my 6X Pro 🙁

  45. Yuri Hoppe says:

    Fast and efficient as always!

  46. Will there ever be a Fenix ​​7 Sapphire without Solar?

  47. Rene vH says:

    Thank you Ray. Another great video which will help set expectations. Coming from a F5 plus, my epix is really amazing. One key feature which is not mentioned yet is the improved roundtrip calculation time. It calculates for example 3 options for a 10k run (any direction) in less than a minute! And I was still inside doing this. Another example: It calculates 3 options for a 21k run in less than 3 minutes, while the first option is already available after a single minute. That 21k could take forever on a F5 plus.

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