Quickcast: Florida passes new immigration laws. Disney CEO responds to Gov. DeSantis.

The now-former Chief of #PembrokePark police reacts to his firing.
A #Miami teacher faces new sexual assault allegations.
The judge in the #Parkland school shooter trial is leaving the bench.

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20 Replies to “Quickcast: Florida passes new immigration laws. Disney CEO responds to Gov. DeSantis.”

  1. Mke says:

    The downgall of Florida

  2. Florida will become a hugh slum when there are no one to clean up after them white folks. Hotels will close for lack of cheap help.
    Disney employs a lot of business outside of Disneyland that employs cheap labor. They close then Disney will close..
    Being a Republican in the State House in Florida is not healthy these days. Down right very unhealthy. Have you seen the extra armed State Police around the State House.
    That many Republicans have order bullet proofs vest for themselves. Those Republicans also have put armed guards around their homes.
    One way to change the gun laws in a State with lax gun laws is if a very few in the State House are living in fear for their lives.
    Even Trunps Mar-a-Logo employess cheap labor who is going to wash the dishes or cut the grass. or clean the toilet bowels?

  3. flibble89 says:

    Great job, Ron! Don’t let these communists indoctrinate our children with divisive, racist critical race theory and the perverted lgbt agenda.

  4. Va jona says:

    Remember, Ron DickSantis hired id me to deny Americans of their jobs, unemployment, and welfare, by labeling them not humans. When Hitler did this the US aborted him.

  5. I hope Floridians are ready for what’s coming. Increased prices for food grown in Florida, higher prices at restaurants and hotels (which will hurt tourism), higher costs of construction, landscaping services, and so on and so on. Immigrants work in jobs most white Americans are either too lazy to do or otherwise don’t want to do. Many small and medium sized businesses will be hurt.

  6. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life and blessings to me and my family, $20,250 weekly profit. Our Lord Jesus have lifted up my life!!!🙏❤️❤️

  7. Jesus Rojas says:

    Automation and AI (artificial intelligence) will make illegal labor useless anyways.

    We dont need more illegals. there are other 49 states they can go to and if they leave the sate, it won't be the end of the world. The whole US is moving to Florida anyways running away from Democratic cities overwhelmed by crime, high taxes and incompetent governors.

    De Santis is our hope.

  8. Screening giving you cancer they want you to get cancer doctors are alwasy lying

  9. That doctor is lying

  10. Startup HUB says:

    I will never buy another Disney product. Disney should be protecting children, not advocating for their ability to do serious damage to their bodies because of vague notion of gender dysphoria. We all have been thru the trials of puberty, feeling strange in our own bodies and skins at that age. But we grow out of it. What kind of messed up crap is Disney trying to push with this lgbt attack on kids!? Kids are NO-GO-ZONES. Leave the kids alone, they already have enough garbage adults are pushing on them through hollywood. Let them enjoy their childhoods!

  11. R Mo says:

    Larbor costs for businesses are going to jump in construction agriculture and service jobs

  12. Trump/DeSantis 24 🙏

  13. Take away too many of the migrants… less workers for farms, lower crop yields, higher prices. Just sayin

  14. Frankly, central Florida is sick to death of Disney. This company has taken advantage of central Florida for sixty years, and long-time residents are quite well aware of this.

  15. Bob says:


  16. August Rekar says:

    Leave it to a black mayor to destroy the city.

  17. Oh racist black lady with the gavel

  18. sykwookiee says:

    Child molester has a slim chance of survival before his court date…my only hope is that he is guilty…others have been executed and later found innocent…

  19. Looks like DeSantis can no longer bus and fly immigrants all over the country. He killed his own buzz.

  20. Patriot says:

    Mayor Muhammad sounds like a racist bitc* to me

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