Remote Sales Rep To Make 15k+ Per Month…

Step-by-Step Training On How To Get Started With Remote Closing/Appointment Setting:

In this episode of the Remote Closing Academy podcast, we’re sitting down with Dillon and how RCA helped him achieved the life that he truly wants. Dillon was now able to make $15,000+ per month as a remote sales rep after finding a position in only 6 WEEKS.

Dillon has truly improved his life as well as his monthly income as an remote sales rep, and he has a few key takeaways for people that feel like they’re stuck in their 9-5 and have not achieved their dreams. If you’re someone who’s looking to becoming a remote sales rep, make sure to watch the full podcast as this will truly resonate to a lot of people whose on the same situation as Dillon.

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This YouTube channel is all about all things Remote Closing and giving you the selling strategies to take advantage of this UNTAPPED multi-billion dollar industry…

On this channel, you can expect the following:
βœ… Remote Closing Fundamentals
βœ… Advanced Selling Strategies
βœ… Interviews with Industry Leaders
βœ… Remote Closing Academy Exclusive Training
And so much more…

Thank you so much for being here – it’s time to crush it as a Remote Closer
Cole Gordon & The Team


7 Replies to “Remote Sales Rep To Make 15k+ Per Month…”

  1. Learn how to get started with Remote Closing and Appointment Setting Here!

  2. Love your content brother…. I have a question i want to start in appointment Setting but do the company or prospect give their handles to msg the peoples or do we have to use our handles to msg the peoples for Setting appointments???

  3. khizar fayaz says:

    I can't wait to hop on an interview with you after I make my 20k+ per month consistently! Much love brother

  4. ricky medina says:

    Honest how are you gonna ensure that you will actually get paid for doing that work ? You are not actually not an employee? There would be a lot of hurdles to get the check. They are not just going to hand it to you?

  5. Me and him have a similar story lol almost the exact same

  6. Hi, I just got 17 years old and I am from germany in europe. I want to start as a remote sales rep, but on the one hand I have no experience and on the other hand I am not a native english speaker. Is that a big problem and do you have advices for me? Also in germany I couldn`t find jobs as remote sales rep

  7. @camkonuk says:

    I love your content.

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