Restarting My Golf Bag With THROWN AWAY Clubs! (#1)

I restart my golf bag with clubs that have been thrown away! In the “video 1” of my A Fairway Down series, I play 18 holes with a set we rescued from a bin… this is how I got on…

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44 Replies to “Restarting My Golf Bag With THROWN AWAY Clubs! (#1)”

  1. Thanks everyone for watching 🙌 Huge shout out to WHOOP for making this series possible! Also please help us reach our fundraising goal, every donation is really appreciated:

  2. And I thought this would be just silly, but it's actually quite good…but it is only early 🤣

  3. Kevin Potts says:

    Them Harris Tweed shoes look amazing.

  4. Fabulous start! You’ll be thinner than a super stroke putter grip at the end of all this!! Make sure to load up on pies and beers 🍺😜⛳️

  5. Norm Lang says:

    I'll bet Pete was spinning that driver over 3000 RPM on good strikes, which accounts for a lot of the short distances.

  6. Seems to me like Pete's sitting a bit too low on that bicycle. I'd suggest pulling the seat up a inch or two for a smoother and easier ride…

  7. David Nobbs says:

    If you're at Thurso I hope you're going to play Reay as well.

  8. Leo Howley says:

    Good luck Pete!!

  9. Scott Gray says:

    Typical Scottish crowd., entertain us. Tough crowd.

  10. Karen Clare says:

    Very entertaining, well done for a course you’ve never played, with clubs found in a bin. Again well done.
    What a beautiful course to play. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️

  11. Fergus Healy says:

    Where are you playing in Preston Pete?

  12. Which is worse, this putter or the putter Rick gave you in the recent golfbidder challenge? 😂

  13. Get it done Finchy!

  14. Phil Bailey says:

    i want this putter to make it all the way through this series, the odd couple who love each other by the end

  15. Alan Tyson says:

    Lovin' the Thruso GC Titles !! 😄

  16. Ian Stoddart says:

    Crying into your helmet is never good Pete 🤣

  17. Andy says:

    If you're going to John O'Groats, you need to play Durness Golf Club, its the most Northerly Scottish golf club, it's only 9 holes but it's a bit of a gem.

  18. blake morton says:

    Brilliant. Great vid……awful noise of that putter though.

  19. That first putt on 16 just made me laugh out loud. Very funny.

  20. Garry Martin says:

    Whats with the 80s porn backing track?? 😅

  21. Dave Bales says:

    “The black hawks let me down” was an underrated comment. I see what you did there!

  22. Rem Hasta says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how impressive this is. My thoughts on Peter’s cycling success on this trip is that he was subconsciously trying to get as far away from that round of golf as quickly as possible!

  23. Luan Truong says:

    Had a rough day and this video made me chuckle for the first time today at 11pm

  24. Sam Peate says:

    20:02 Shout out to Peter for slipping in a Blur lyric!

  25. BigRedFish says:

    Go for it Pete!!

  26. You need to play penfold ace golf balls. Lol

  27. Pete is out here talking about a rubbish round while he’s walking onto 18 with a score I’d be ecstatic with. I know he’s a pro and all but makes me feel like the golf gods keep it even. Great video guys!

  28. This a great! Cannot wait for tomorrow’s video.

  29. John Thomas says:

    love the shows. Good luck to you and be safe.

  30. David Smith says:

    Can you even imagine if that wedge hadn't shown up?!!! 😱

  31. That putter may well be an inanimate object, but it hates you! We love following your journey, we will see you at your next stop!

  32. Mark Bishop says:

    Looks like someone thought a pool noodle would be a good idea for a putter grip!

  33. Good luck with this challenge. I will say with a great deal of experience that you would do better, and be MUCH more comfortable, on a recumbent bicycle. And the Kewl Factor on a 'bent is awesome.

  34. Markchivies says:

    Lets get Pete a new sweater

  35. vegasTJG says:

    Dude must've been putting off of the cart paths.

  36. Kip Kline says:

    Pete I love this series👍🏻 problem with the struggle is the heap of dog bones you’ll be playing with by the end. But don’t get me wrong I’m all in for the comedy/tragedy 😂

  37. Just goes to show it is the equipment that makes the golfer haha , and if you can't play the part, look the part

  38. Chedr Cheis says:

    I always think its hilarious when they say I have know idea how far these clubs go. Um yo that’s my whole game lol.

  39. Mr Rick says:

    Really love the Jeremy Clarkson like introduction to the cycle as if you were on Top Gear.

  40. Excellent effort. I could see a “challenge tour” match series. Testing the cycle and the swing. Same bikes, same start point each leg timed. different bag of clubs at each course. Walking with bag and the round is timed by the local pro from 1st tee to 18th green. Cumulative times (Cycle & Swing) and cumulative scores crowns the champion. Maybe you get a local golfer to loan you their bag for the round. Make up your own tour. Could be fun.

  41. Robert Lynch says:

    Pete – what’s worse? This putter or the center shaft putter? 😄 Well done sir!

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