Rick Shiels' BRUTAL and HONEST explanation of his TERRIBLE golf scores!

0:00 Live podcast is happening!
3:06 Titleist T Series iron reviews coming soon
8:18 Harrington nearly wins Seniors Open
10:35 JCB Championship this week!
14:44 Run 100KM with us
16:30 Will Rick ever do a 10 shot challenge with LPGA Tour Player?
17:49 What is happening to the YouTube Masters?
20:54 Was THIS a Rick Shiels scam?
22:56 Rick Shiels’ BRUTAL and HONEST explanation of his TERRIBLE golf scores!

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41 Replies to “Rick Shiels' BRUTAL and HONEST explanation of his TERRIBLE golf scores!”

  1. 0:00 Live podcast is happening!
    3:06 Titleist T Series iron reviews coming soon
    8:18 Harrington nearly wins Seniors Open
    10:35 JCB Championship this week!
    14:44 Run 100KM with us
    16:30 Will Rick ever do a 10 shot challenge with LPGA Tour Player?
    17:49 What is happening to the YouTube Masters?
    20:54 Was THIS a Rick Shiels scam?
    22:56 Rick Shiels' BRUTAL and HONEST explanation of his TERRIBLE golf scores!

  2. I really understand what you’re going through, I was a single figure golfer and now I have 17 shots. I have no idea what I am doing when I stand over a golf ball anymore

  3. Midgard Golf says:

    Far be it from me to assume to give you advise, but one thing that I notice with your long game is that it seems that you're putting a lot of emphasis on using your arms in your swing instead of more of a connected torso/arm balanced swing. Then of course you know your tempo in your back swing has always been really quick. Maybe something more of a Collin Morikawa tempo might help get you back on top? I don't know brother, just a thought, you're a better player than me. Those are just a couple of things that help me when I start spraying a bit.

  4. This is why so many people love watching Rick and Guy though, it is so relatable. I personally don’t come to watch Rick shoot 72 each week, I come to watch some entertaining golf and the banter he and Guy have when they are out there enjoying themselves. Of course it’s easier to enjoy it when playing well, so if Rick feels the need and has the time to dedicate to improving, then I hope he goes for it. I would actually enjoy seeing that journey filmed, even if it meant Break 75 was every other week and some practice was in between. I’d also argue he’d be better off going to Break 70 than Break 80, as he joked – if he is just off on a lower target, it’s still good golf. Anyway, pick your head up Rick, awesome content as always!

  5. Midgard Golf says:

    Shoot, if I could play in that, the YouTube Masters that is, I'll help with the cost.

  6. Um, seems to me that practice needs to be part of the business week, part of the job. That’s something you need to figure out Rick.

  7. R Webster says:

    Ignore the haters Rick, surprised Guy's language made the cut… Not very family friendly.

  8. David Graham says:

    Rick needs to go back and watch his videos with Steve Brotherhood a few years ago and the American caddy. He played so much better under their supervision, especially in the short game.

  9. Alfie Tucker says:

    Sorry rick “porthcrawl”… 🫣

  10. If your business is as successful as it seems you might consider hire a "production manager" etc. to free up your time. So that you can put in the work that you want to do. Only 24 hours in a day. Know this is obvious but just sayin'.

  11. G R says:

    If you don’t practise then how do you expect to the collaboration going forward that is a big thing at the minute. If your not playing good golf then why will people watch. You’ve probably become to big and it’s more business than practical. Your content still needs to be good. I watch you wanting to play better myself. But if I’m watching you hooking and pulling drives it stops me. I think your brand is so big you can’t sustain the playing side

  12. James G says:

    Rick, you're the granddad of YouTube golf and you put too much pressure on yourself along with stretching yourself to thin. As far as incentive every time Guy beats you you have to do 20 push ups and 20 situps. We will back date it to last video. Also it has to be done in the video.

  13. Neil Harris says:

    Yep good to see the penny has dropped on the game weakness. On the Poults challenge, Poults asked, “what’s your typical shape off the tee?”. It took an age for Rick to answer and his answer still wasn’t clear. I could have answered for Rick straight away – typical shape is a heavy draw. 50% of the time it will go down the middle, 25% it will hook left and 25% will high block right (sometimes even a slice) I’ve been there and it’s a killer off the tee finding trouble so often and not knowing which way the ball is going to go. My solution was to change my swing to make my natural shape a fade off the tee and I’ve never looked back. Was it Trevino that said you can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen? I don’t like the transition from the top, there is just way too much shape on your stock shots, great to have the big shaping when you need it but I’d be working on either a stock drive with as little shape as possible. Scores will come tumbling down with the recent improvements to short game

  14. DUSTY ROSE says:

    You’ll get it back buddy! Still love the content!

  15. pault1607 says:

    Great episode Rick and a great therapy session, hopefully for you, and also for those of the rest of us that need to take a minute every now and then to clear their head and re-focus. Just one thought – and I know you touch on this a little – how much of this is mental, especially the pressure of constantly playing with elite pro golfers, and even the likes of the Good Good guys (Brad has played in the Masters!!) and what that does to your confidence if your game is a bit off?

  16. Discr says:

    Golf is hard, Rick, and I think having a balance in your life, and enjoying all you've built, is not bad place to be. If the golf suffers a bit, I think it just makes you more relatable to the rest of us. Of course, there will always be critics, but you can choose to ignore them. You're the leading YouTube golf channel, a philanthropist, a father, a husband, a mentor, and a great guy by all accounts. I'd say embrace all of it and don't be too hard on yourself as a golfer.

  17. Washout001 says:

    Half-way through so maybe this gets mentioned but you've got a new studio with the latest kit. Use it! Bring in a coach to break your swing down completely from grip, takeaway, onwards and use the numbers the gizmos produce to help. Most important part is to make it a series. Don't do a one off and expect that to be it as you wouldn't expect to fix one of your pupils back in the day in a session.
    We're all getting older and creakier with growing dad bods so you can't expect to be able to swing it like in your 20s and expect the same results without putting in gym/stretching work too! Not sure we need to see that bit though 😉

  18. Luke Ryan says:

    Rick. You are not overweight, you are a very normal person who honestly seems like is in good shape to me. One of the best sayings I go by is "What other people say about you is none of your business" and it works a treat. As long as you are healthy and happy in your life it doesn't matter what people say or comment. If you want to work out, hit balls etc for yourself and your happiness and to make yourself feel good in general then that's fantastic and you should do it. But don't let other people's comments or opinions influence your happiness. You are a very nice & successful person who provides great content don't ever forget that. 😉

  19. Just remember people that Rick's bad golf is still better than 90% of the rest of us.
    Chin up Rick, no one plays as good as they can all the time.
    On the issue of time though have you ever thought about using a PA? Maybe help plan and organise your day to day to give you the time you need to work out and hit balls without affecting your family time.

  20. Common Man says:

    I think Rick just needs to slow down career wise. Don't over think things, which creates too much pressure. Everyone needs some down time. He's earned that right. Go out, and have a good time, if possible. Golf is hard, but it should also be fun too.

  21. Common Man says:

    Rick's video with Dan Grieve is my favorite. I've watched it at least 10 times so far, made notes, and tried the lessons on the practice range. Very challenging for a beginner like myself. I bought Dan's book too.

  22. Alan Dixon says:

    Rick – it's not your golf that brings me to this channel, although you're brilliant – but how accessible, honest and vulnerable you are – in short, your personality. I regularly shoot over 100 and have been playing for a year. I've used plenty of tips which I have used, and will continue to do so! I met you at the Trafford driving range evening, and you were the same in person as on here. Keep up the great work with the channel! 🙂

  23. You’ve got a top of the line studio to practice in. Hit 20-30 a day before bed or in the morning. Take advantage of having a practice facility at your finger tips. You’re a fantastic golfer, you’ve got all the answers to get your game back to where you want it. It is still entertaining to watch you play if you’re breaking 75 or 90 though 😂

  24. Know the feels of driving being the weak part of your game Rick, up until recently it’s be the same for me I changed drivers form Taylormade to the new Callaway Paradym and it has been good since! Would love to see you going to different companies and getting dialled in on there new drivers then comparing them with each other would be a great video and might help you find some confidence off the tee! ⛳️

  25. tis called ROYAL PORTHCAWL 🙂

  26. would rather watch your average club member than rick.but kudos for self promotion and puttin yourself out there

  27. Nows the time to use the super GI stuff lol. Keep your chin up Rick, doing all your doing with a wife and 3 kids is tough. Most important is family first

  28. You pretty much got me into golf. People around me have always golfed and I’ve gone to the range before your videos. But THIS YouTube channel showed me how enjoyable Golf can be. Now I understand the game, I’ll watch a PGA tournament and actually follow along, I’ll enjoy my practice at a range (sometimes with your videos playing in my earbuds), I’ll come to your channel for helpful tips and gear reviews, and I have a great time with other Golfers. It’s literally opened up a whole new world. Now with all that being said I’m still terrible.

  29. Jav Davies says:

    Port-Crawl?? hahaha! Close enough lads, Porthcawl… my hometown on TV battering these poor old seniors. 🤣

  30. The Ian Poulter video was my favorite Rick Shiels video hands down. This is in comparison to many other videos of the channels that were simply stellar! It was exceptionally enjoyable…

  31. I listened to this podcast on the way to playing golf this morning and shot my worst round in over a year…😅 I think Ricks lack of confidence rubbed off on me.

  32. Rick – Hope you're doing ok mate. You've built a terrific brand + business and that should always be front and centre in mind/ perspective. I think it's important you know that many viewers quite like watching a relatable 85+ round of golf. Golf can be torture (everyone knows that), and it's genuinely entertaining to see someone's ups and many downs on a golf course. Your job is to entertain and you definitely do that whether you have a good round of golf or a stinker (arguably even more so with a shocker of a round) 😅

  33. Mike Stewart says:

    I like your competitiveness…I am too. I do think you are being hard on yourself. Appreciate you wanting to be better and hope you find satisfaction or better, a drive to be better that suits you. But I also commend you that the “content” you produce is excellent…regardless of the score. We watch to see you play, and we are pulling for you to break 75. But the difference in how well I may enjoy seeing you shoot 73 vs you shooting 81….is very minor, and not important to the ultimately quality of the match. Sure, you started not how you wanted against Ian, but wow!!!…how exciting you made that match by the end of the video. Imagine….you playing better, and beating him by 3 strokes. You would have deserved congrats for playing well, but not so much of an exciting finish and we all would have gravitated to the the thought of “but Rick, you gave yourself a 10 stroke advantage”. Which to me diminishes the quality of the “show” you guys put on. A trade off if you get my logic. Keep being you. Keep bringing the insight. Find your groove in scoring…we all seek the same…wanting to shoot better. But know that the quality of the content is why we are all here….and you are a “pro” at producing compelling content. Thanks Rick!

  34. Robert Kraus says:

    Ok Rick, I feel you brother and I can only say from my own experience that you have to take the bull by the horn and turn it around. Starting off with a commitment to better yourself with the dedicated allotment of time each day to get a short workout in, a ball hitting session in on your incredible simulator, and very importantly your diet.
    You know what it takes to improve on whatever it is you shoes to focus on and I know you can accomplish the goals you set.
    Do what it takes brother
    I totally support your effort to improve your life and reach your goals!
    This is from a new to the game folder after 25 years of not golfing and all of the sudden have been bitten with the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding challenge I’ve experienced almost ever. I’ve dug it to diet, physical fitness and diet to support my goal of experiencing my best self in the game of golf.
    You’ve been a great influence to me with your channel and I wish the best to you mate.
    You can do this!

  35. TT&G says:

    You have access to best coaches in the world. Now have indoor practice centre. It wouldn't take much. 3x a week. Make a series of it.

  36. Rick, love the content and avid watcher and in the clubhouse. Please be kinder to yourself and realise as you mentioned several times this is a business you are managing and building, not just golf. If you want to perform better at scoring then maybe you need to delegate more to the team and step back to enable more time to play, practice and for the family. Keep up the good work.

  37. The game with Rickie Fowler was decent from you.

  38. Cam Sutton says:

    At the risk of being banned, i reckon the best thing you could do for yourself in terms of fitness and well-being is quit the booze.

  39. Burnout? When was the last time you went out and played without the cameras and the crew?

  40. Chris Taylor says:

    An evening in the hit studio with the whole team getting sauced playing games on foresight, what a watch 😂

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