Right Arm MAGIC MOVE – The #1 Key to Playing Great Golf (Nothing Else Matters!)

Lock your arm in like this and how Brian Harman did to win the Open championship 2023. What Brian harman did in the takeaway and in the backswing will help you play so much better golf.

I know for a fact a lot of goflers have trail arm issues in the golf swing, this prevents you from getting effortless power in the golf swing, this simple golf tip will get you playing so much better golf, you will set the golf club, gain distance with your irons, strike your irons pure, strike you irons, strike your irons longer, strike your irons straighter, hit more greens, and rotate properly in the golf swing. Honestly you will play SO much better golf! In just 5 minutes your golf swing will be more powerful and consistent! If I had only 1 golf tip to give you that would change your life, it would be this which is why nothing else matters!!

Harmans Right Arm MAGIC MOVE – The #1 Key to Playing Great Golf (Nothing Else Matters!)

Brian harman said this was one of his keys to playing great golf and one of the reasons why he won the open championship 2023! If you want to play better golf, strike your irons better, simple iron tips, simple golf tips, improve at irons then you should watch this simple golf tip


23 Replies to “Right Arm MAGIC MOVE – The #1 Key to Playing Great Golf (Nothing Else Matters!)”

  1. Bryan Harman made it work! Now time for you to make it work too! As always let me know what you need help with!

  2. Great video as always Alex. Any tips on good drills to shorten the back swing. I have been paying a couple of years now and feel my back swing is to long costing distance and accuracy

  3. Graham says:

    Very informative lesson. Does Bryan Harman employ the same method for driver and fairway metals?

  4. bankscam says:

    Thanks for sharing this . Will give it a try . So there is no need to concern yourself with lower body in the transition with this magic move of the right arm ?

  5. nibby00 says:

    A little confused Alex. Having watched previous videos where you are demonstrating the backswing, you advise that the club should move back close to the ground until the arms are waist height and before the wrists are cocked and then, complete the backswing. You seem now, to be advising, cocking the wrists before turning back.

  6. RD Adams says:

    I tried this and the results were amazing. This is my new swing setup. Thank you!!!

  7. Well this works Alex! Brought this in to my game and played to half my handicap. I had more control and much more consistency! Great tip!

  8. So Alex I watched the Brian Harman video just after the Scottie scheffler video both advocate totally different takeaways and turns the Brian Harman take away is very similar to what Nick faldo recommends and the Scottie scheffler take away is much more gradual and smooth.They are totally different if you employ the tee peg in the butt of the club.what would you recommend for a higher handicapper senior,? I think your videos are 1st class

  9. Hi Alex! Love the videos. Question – I’m practicing this drill and bringing it with you Scottie scheffler drill. I’m noticing my tee peg doesn’t align with my body when I “set” the club. Any insight?

  10. Bruce Young says:

    Thanks for sharing this swing routine

  11. It's exactly what Nick Faldo teached many years ago.

  12. Great lesson! Feeling that the left forearm rolls into that position helps me start the takeaway.

  13. Lou Catalfo says:

    Alex, what do you think about using this for your driver? Lou

  14. Truth Rider says:

    Does this apply to driver??

  15. John James says:

    This Harman idea has been transformational.
    It has been superb today particularly with the driver,.
    I take the first part slow it down then hit it,
    Absolutely amazing improvement,.

  16. Bert Duell says:

    Well done explaining and breaking it down into stages – going to practice at the range tonight

  17. Simon Hobbs says:

    Sounds great in practice.

  18. Scott Hobbs says:

    How much do u use your right hand in the golf swing?

  19. Does this apply to driver?

  20. MarkG says:

    Always LOVED Brian Harman's simple looking swing. I simplified my swing by thinking only about folding my elbow on the back swing then throwing the club out and to the right (I am right-handed). Of course, a proper set up is necessary… but Alex puts everything into terms we connect with. Keep 'em coming Alex!

  21. I do this in real play. It’s not just a drill for me. It works brilliantly for me. May look a little unorthodox but doesn’t bother me one bit how it looks.

  22. John Newell says:

    Used to play with an early set. Think I moved away from it because I tended to flare the club a little.

  23. Alan Kearns says:

    This setting of the wrists first then turning is something I accidentally fell upon at the driving range. I’ve found it a far more reliable way of getting in the correct position to hit my irons. Another great, simple tip from you that I know works.

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