Rory McIlroy (-15) Climbs Back To Win 2023 Scottish Open I FULL HIGHLIGHTS + RECAP I CBS Sports

Check out full highlights from the Final Round of the 2023 Scottish Open.


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29 Replies to “Rory McIlroy (-15) Climbs Back To Win 2023 Scottish Open I FULL HIGHLIGHTS + RECAP I CBS Sports”

  1. Linda Crelin says:

    AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

  2. boncu zul says:

    congrat Rory, me fans u

  3. Great victory to you Rory ❤

  4. Joseph Boza says:

    Rory was very lucky to win. He was playing I feel not to lose. When Robert MacIntyre posted -14 he PANICKED. I was shocked he won cause his Sunday performance SUCKED!. I think Rory was the biggest benefactor of them moving up tee times. Rory wouldnt be my favorite. If he is the favorite its cause its at Hoylake where he won in 2014. The Open Weather doesnt look good. its typical Open Weather.

  5. liberty 🗽 says:

    CBS doesn't even have a camera on the winning putt!

  6. Steve Smith says:

    I wish Bob had won, perhaps next week.

  7. Rory is the bomb!!!😊😊

  8. CBS, It would have been classy of you to interview Robert MacIntyre. Also your clickbait title says FULL HIGHLIGHTS (In ALL CAPS) but there was a couple of Rory shots; you could have shown how MacIntyre put Rory in the position where Rory had to pull off Rory-like heroics. Guess you just had to fill your video with your unmissable chatter.

  9. Gordon Gekko says:

    Wish I could've seen this live

  10. Gordon Gekko says:

    Once again CBS loses millions by not televising on time

  11. rolfstep says:

    full highlights is a bit of a stretch

  12. Jose Amador says:

    This has to be the worst highlight recap ever. Wow such a waste of time I have no clue how Rory came back. 😅

  13. Couldn’t be happier for him. He has been great this season.

  14. T G says:

    He always wins the non-majors next week He won’t even show up it’s the weirdest thing.

  15. Nick says:

    these are not full highlights

  16. This is not a highlight video

  17. MacIntyre can at least go away knowing he did his best and met the challenge. Rory was just better.

  18. D E says:


  19. Surfsaus says:

    If only he could win a major.

  20. FordF says:

    Conflicted! Love Rory and he’s my favourite player but being Scottish, would have loved Bob McIntyre winning too.

  21. Ben Brutocao says:

    This is the worst highlight video ever made

  22. Thats the way to finish. Good to see him win

  23. i have been giving 20 to 1 for Rory to win the British Open since he won in Scottland open the bets just keep coming im going to be very very rich

  24. Mike PXG says:

    Stupid American comentary.

  25. Don’t stick the result in the bloody title!

  26. Blue Elvis says:

    Crazy shots at 18 amazing


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