Rory Mcilroy Everyshot Round 1 At The Open 2023

15 Replies to “Rory Mcilroy Everyshot Round 1 At The Open 2023”

  1. Upload round 2 of Rory.

  2. Thank you for uploading these highlights. I have looking for this for three days.

  3. Invista says:

    To have an even Par for the whole round is an achievement in this course. Look at John Rahm or D Johnson with plus scores. That itself tells a tale, that this course is not one to take lightly. Plus Rory has won the Open once. He is using that knowledge of the course to keep within shooting distance of the game. Let's see how Harmon does when it is crunch time.

  4. Rory this rory that, i watching lot this afternoon , Rory i keep hearing prob best driver ever, he misses that many fairways, he is not out of it but playing like that first 2 days , hes going to have to improve 100% next, what pisses me of there is an excuse for every poor round, from all of them , commentary …. He was fav again for the life of me why..

  5. Erick GaFu says:

    every shot after #1

  6. J.D. says:

    Rory is unique ā¤

  7. Njorg Njorg says:

    Every shot. Well they must have made Rory tee off from the thick ruff on the opening hole. I wander what dose a player have to do to be faced with that

  8. Kevin Nimmo says:

    Nope. Cant watch Rory on an off day. So frustrating…& I don't even play golf lol. Hope today is better for him šŸ¤žšŸ‘Œ

  9. Not sure who would really care to re-watch that round. Not very inspiring.

  10. AntPalm8 says:

    "every shot"… Skips opening tee shot šŸ˜‚

  11. Rahul Dev says:

    Not laying up on the 18th was a mistake so many players made with that pin position and all the pot short of the green. There was always a good chance a long iron shot ends up against the face of the bunker.

  12. Uncle Jim 2 says:

    Why? All the coverage was on him anyway, show the other players for gawd sakes. šŸ‘Ž

  13. Thank you šŸ™

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