Rory McIlroy Flash Interview Friday Day 2 2023 The Open Championship © The Open

Rory McIlroy Flash Interview Friday Day 2 2023 The Open Championship © The Open

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19 Replies to “Rory McIlroy Flash Interview Friday Day 2 2023 The Open Championship © The Open”

  1. My favorite player! Love you Rory!

  2. Mike Smith says:

    Got a feeling this is the week.

  3. Harman will win . 9 years and counting. Rory is still a world class major but I don’t think he’ll win a major. Media comparing him to Jack and Tiger he’s not in their class. 4 majors and 3 fedex cups is still a very good career.

  4. Teddy Zamba says:

    Rory is too nice to win, so he spends a decade not winning. But, the crumbs are pretty lucrative for a boy with natural gifts.

  5. Teddy Zamba says:

    Royster has no juice, he just cannot put the pedal down, he will make pars and that is about as good as making bogues, both make you a loser.

  6. Bill Moore says:

    If he has some more tantrums they might make the course even easier!

  7. Wonder how many FREE DROPS they will be giving to CRY BABY Rory

  8. ALAN BROWN says:

    Nice talk Rory, but you're all hot air. In truth you are all washed up , you couldn't play your way out of a wet paper bag? You've got psychological problems, or you've been living the high life for too long, you've gone from a winner to be OK with being a Loser pal???

  9. Martin Paul says:

    just a mater of time. Good luck Rory!

  10. paul c says:

    How could you not like RM. Great guy.

  11. One thing that I don't want to see happening is Rory to win any major events ever again 😂 4 is good enough

  12. Jd Deefo says:

    Rory always does a great interview. I wish one of these pros would remind the media that one day any pro on tour could shoot a 62 or 63, and follow it up with a 78 or 79. Just because you play great one week does not mean you will make the cut the next. I believe the media loves putting undue pressure on the players every week and the players should call them out more for it.

  13. Harman is not finishing -10 come Sunday with wind and rain.

  14. Dave says:

    Love the comments on JT, well said.

  15. Backdoor top 5 finish incoming

  16. Good luck tomorrow Rory ,show people you can do what you want ,im cheering you always ☺️

  17. Parting with J P ,not your smartest move Rory ,and time is marching on

  18. So what? U think Rory is trying to kid himself? Rors, knows what he's talking about, bud. That's why he's #2 or #3 in the world & you're commenting. LMFAO

  19. Scott says:

    You can see the frustration and stress on his face. To say you are happy and 9 strokes back…not buying it.

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