Rory McIlroy Tests the Stealth 2 Six Hybrid | TaylorMade Golf

Team TaylorMade’s Rory McIlroy is on range with the rest of the squad testing the Stealth 2 lineup for the first time. When he gets his hands on a brand new 28º Stealth 2 Rescue, the rest of the squad takes notice. Head to our page for the full, uncut video of Tiger Woods, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa, and Tommy Fleetwood testing Stealth 2.


31 Replies to “Rory McIlroy Tests the Stealth 2 Six Hybrid | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. Mitch's Mix says:

    It must be nice being able to test out pretty much any club on the market and be like “yeah I like that, send that my way”

  2. Ian Hamilton says:

    Director: okay remember, suck each other off during these taylormade ads.

  3. Daniel Ives says:

    The Hang time is insane!! 😳

  4. Josh Pierce says:

    "Hit a high one" rory smashes it to the moon!

  5. Josh Pierce says:

    How do you smash a hubrid that high?

  6. This was a good video until the English guy said something dumb.

  7. Boston Nate says:

    Pretty soon irons will be only for 100 yards in

  8. “Pretty good” that had to be Tiger 😂

  9. Bob Mellon says:

    That’s pretty good😂

  10. M B says:

    Oh, go in! 😂

  11. What shot layout would you use a 6 hybrid for?

  12. Keith G says:

    Me watching those moon balls.
    “Hit a high one”.
    Is he joking? It can’t go any higher can it?
    *Shot tracer goes off camera

  13. Rob Z says:

    U laugh but DJ is literally doing this

  14. Tommy – “Now hit a high one.”
    Rory – proceeds to crush one into the clouds.

  15. MK says:

    And i am worried about my accuracy 😅

  16. It’s awesome that even the best golfers in the world are impressed when one another hit a good shot. This is such a hard sport that at any level, when a shot is hit well. You earn the respect of your fellow golfers. I love it

  17. EH says:

    “Hit a high one.” 🤣🤣

  18. drops it within 4 feet of the pin yeah pretty good

  19. Where is the CG in this club?

  20. Dewey says:

    I wish I could do that 😂 pretty incredible to see

  21. I play 4 hybrids (Simm-2) and they are the easiest clubs I have ever hit.

  22. KruPreng says:

    Cant tell if the respond is genuine or pure marketing

  23. Pretty good????????????? Lol try amazing

  24. Keun Pruitt says:

    That swing is woke AF 😅

  25. B Frank says:

    “It sounds like it” the fact that they can distinguish which club you’re hitting by the sound is just mind blowing

  26. K4rN1v00L says:

    0 chance he bags it gimmicky marketing at its best right here no wonder taylormade is so cheaply built and overpriced they have to pay for this bullshit

  27. The best swing ⛳🏌️ of world 🌍 the of Rory Mcllroy

  28. crimlegit says:

    he doesnt have it to do it all 4 rounds
    and I'm from NI but he just lacks mental toughness

  29. Bazzelator says:

    Would love to give it a go

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