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Rory McIlroy takes a quick break from tour life to join the high-energy global phenomenon known as Dude Perfect for a two-part, winner-take-all challenge. Part one seems a lock for Rory when the golf clubs come out, but any perceived advantage will be short-lived during the finale’s All Sports glass-break challenge, where anything can happen.

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Rory McIlroy and Dude Perfect | GolfPass


27 Replies to “Rory McIlroy X Dude Perfect | GolfPass”

  1. The lacrosse was just embarrassing cmon ! HAHAHA

  2. Cj Hirsch says:

    The narration feels like I'm watching Hell's Kitchen 😂

  3. Mike H. says:

    Rory, welcome to LIV!

  4. What happened to Cody in this video?

  5. Jake Knack says:

    How sad is it that dude perfects editing is better than a multi million dollar company like msnbc lol

  6. amazed151. says:

    as a lacrosse player i would give colby some slack because that pocket (were the ball was resting) isent usually the right depth as what we use so it made it so much harder to throw or shoot

  7. Jack McGill says:

    as a lacrosse player, I would just like to say that it would be pretty easy to break that glass with a lacrosse ball

  8. yi mf says:

    maybe hire some people that seem like they want to be there

  9. Kaimedar says:

    Man some the cameras Golfpass used for this production suck compared to DudePerfects production.

  10. Love how different everyone is lol I none of them wanted lacrosse but I would’ve picked it first lmao

  11. Kylie Hyde says:

    Where’s Cody?

  12. Drew Pasma says:

    Maybe the worst video I've ever seen with Dude Perfect involved. Wtf was that

  13. This channel is weird

  14. UrbanFool says:

    This editing is ass

  15. UrbanFool says:

    Lol niko omilana trolled him

  16. Tyson Moody says:

    Ain’t no way they used a girls lacrosse stick

  17. Was this edited by a 55 year old man on his son's laptop? The men in this video are amazing, the production quality on the other hand, so bad.

  18. infantry43 says:

    wheres cody at?

  19. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen and it’s unseen compared to their other video

  20. grabsak says:

    You're telling me so little people watch golf content on YouTube that after 4 days this video only has 216k viewers. That's a shame cause this was entertaining as heck. I'd watch a full 18 rounds of this.

  21. Bryan Davis says:

    Where was Coach?

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