Round 2 Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open

Enjoy Round 2 highlights from the MPO broadcast at the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell!

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Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Jomez Productions, Gatekeeper Media, and Ace Run Pro.

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38 Replies to “Round 2 Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open”

  1. Full live coverage of the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell is available on Disc Golf Network, subscribe today ->

  2. Nathan Yates says:

    Some of the best shots I've seen in a long time by all the players on film = Northwoods Black is one of the best courses ever.

  3. Nathan Yates says:

    @6:43 wysockis drive is best seen.

  4. Nathan Yates says:

    4 rounds Northwood would be my preference. And I've played neither.

  5. Jens Persson says:

    I'll never pay money for quality this poor

  6. MrKab04 says:

    im sorry but ledgestone is in Eureka and Morton. these courses are not in peoria. maybe start saying the Peoria Area.

  7. Daniel amon says:

    Crazy seeing so few Calvin highlights…but he was -6 on this beast of a course

  8. zdooon says:

    when will the day come that the DGPT starts using the raw footage for these highlights instead of just ripping them from the 360p livestream? I understand that could be a challenge, especially trying to get these highlight videos out in a timely fashion, but it's pretty pathetic that the majority of these clips look like they were filmed on a flip phone from 2006

  9. mstrofnone says:

    CW on the chase card!

  10. Nobody is talking about the two BEAUTIFUL lines that Cole threw on 9 for the tap in bird. Those late flips were amazing

  11. This course is way more fun to watch than 90% of courses on tour. Bring back woods golf! 🪵

  12. Vampmonkey says:

    Good to see Andrew Marwede towards the top.

  13. Nick Ramos says:

    I wish they would put the disc they’re throwing and the the flight numbers

  14. David Stock says:

    Better than Ezra was pretty good band in the 90s

  15. Shotty Sim says:

    Congratulations @6:25 Ian. Must have been sitting on that pun for years now.

  16. Zach W says:

    James Proctor looking like he's in the matrix with those sunglasses

  17. Lance H says:

    Cole and Simon lead card. Two of the prettiest forms in disc golf.

  18. 20 20 says:

    Amazing course. It's worthy of hosting a world championship.

  19. Teemu says:

    So many brodie bootlickers here but he finished +1

  20. Andrew Brown says:

    Took him 9 words to get breathey. FAR too breathey. SOMEONE HELP THIS MAN!

  21. Hundkorg says:

    Love the Covarage, but up your bitrate guys, the image quality is terrible

  22. zachocracy says:

    Whoevever runs this channel should know you can create thumbnails, it doesn't have to look like someone is having a siezure.

  23. Man. Even the live replay isn't working on DGN. Constant buffering. Get your act together DGPT.

  24. tt128556 says:

    Is hole 12 really that hard or was there a drastic change of weather during the B9?

  25. Why is the quality of the video so atrocious?

  26. newbishere says:

    One minute Brodie is leading the tournament and then he is no longer in the top 10? Don’t even bother to show anything. Bad shots from the leaders are highlights just as much as good shots.

  27. Congratulations to cole on his first series win. Weather will cancel sat and sun…

  28. Mike Lewis says:

    Is Marwede not marking with cookies anymore?

  29. Joe Veliz says:

    Brods come on you are lit bro imagine waffle house..

  30. Brodie has a top 10 forehand on tour. Change my mind.

  31. Dude… 9 down is crazy.

  32. H3ats says:

    Robinson brothers are awesome, the personas, the throwing 👌👌

  33. dave palmer says:

    I followed brodie last year at lake eureka. Great to see him playing up to his potential! Dark horse will have a much bigger crowd this year!

  34. tonyG. says:

    bro. brodie was -5 at hole 8….and he finished +1….oof

  35. Matt S says:

    On fire with the thumbnails

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