Roxanne Wolf is Back With a Ruined Makeover || FNAF Security Breach Ruin #3 (Playthrough)

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Ruin is the DLC for FNAF Security Breach in which new character Cassie enters the abandoned pizzaplex in search of her lost friend Gregory. However the ruined animatronics and some sinsiter new surprises lay in wait. Can Cassie save Gregory and escape Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex? This is part 3 of a full playthrough for FNAF Security Breach Ruin.

FNAF Security Breach:

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27 Replies to “Roxanne Wolf is Back With a Ruined Makeover || FNAF Security Breach Ruin #3 (Playthrough)”

  1. 14:13 Gregory sound sarcastic

  2. Oh my gosh Super Horror Bro is out for blood

  3. 4:43
    You also didn’t notice Cassie alone while crying

  4. couch surfer says:

    16:05 Does anyone else think that when the go-kart turned it’s headlights on it seemed similar to how Christine the car did in the 1983 movie “Christine”?

  5. XXloafXX says:

    10:19 u can just see floating arms as a shadow on the door

  6. Nico Ruiz says:

    Did you know you could hear chica with the vanny mask on

  7. Solar 496 says:

    I'm on your side, Cassie! (Even though I've had you killed a few times at this point!)

  8. Dominus Tv says:

    “There’s actually a Wrecking ball.. I wonder if we can drop that on anyone.” – SuperHorrorBro, July 26th, 2023

  9. Ur vids r so entertaining!! Thank you mike >_<

  10. 12:45 nope nope nope nope
    shhh Be quite!

  11. Vincent Hall says:

    Roxy Raceway looks soooooo much like Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure- i wonder if some of the devs are fans

  12. Soda Pop says:

    Crazy theory. Ruin is a prequel, Casey is Vanessa, and Gregory might be a soul.

    Edit: Nvm. Everythings destroyed which shows it's after.

  13. Lei Brunson says:

    Wait a second. Wait a mfing second. That girl by Roxy… that the soul inside her? Does that mean….is Roxy possessed? Is that why she shows such high levels of intelligence compared to the others? Cause she has a soul inside her? I mean, that's how it worked for Freddy. Maybe something similar happened to her.

    Oh, wait, nevermind. Dang. That's kinda crazy. Also, Cassie's hands look way whiter in person than on the cutouts.

    Why is Chica's appedix hanging off her like a watermelon?

    Monty died. I see this as an absolute win.

    Yeah, I think deactviating the wet floor signs is a bad thing.

    Oh, the Gregory voice is totally mocking. Mocking Roxy, or Gregory? Maybe both. I don't trust it, although Gregory might do that.

    That hole in the roof is actually kinda pretty….the night sky and the stars….

    Everybody when Roxy says I'm Sorry: Perhaps I judged you too harshly, furry bait.

    I like how the Wet Floor bots look away from you.

    Mike: I wonder how this mask actually works, like making walls disapear.

    You from a lore standpoint, or a code standpoint? Beacause both are facinating.

    Was that…..a golden outline of Bonnie? Or maybe yellow. Curious….

    THE SWORD. TAKE THE SWORD, CASSIDY. Wait……if the entity is offering a sword, then maybe it's old man concequences? And if so, is he Cassidy's dad?

    Gasp! The lanturn is the sword. Listen, Cassie. I don't know anything. Not anymore. I can't trust anyone. But all I know is that you need to take the sword….lanturn….whatever! You need to take it. It's the most important thing.


  14. Rachel Hack says:

    Some of those voices sound exactly like Chica before her voice box was removed during the last game. It's even saying her old phrases like "Who wants candy?" And if you look through the security cameras you can see the animatronics the way they used to be before they were wrecked.

  15. A mask that you can't take off is a VERY bad sign. I've watched Goosebumps.

  16. Roxy being the best character in both the original game and the DLC.

  17. Xenosage says:

    Seeing the plushbabies made me think of something. The VANNI system is a cobbled together system using the Help Wanted vr programming, the glitches are where the programs meet. It's also why the animatronics couldn't see Vanny in the main game, the mask blends you into the code making you simply another animatronic to them. When Bonny/Mimic hacks the system he is actually setting you as a target. But when you take off and put back the mask your resetting the code. Found out later I was wrong xD.

  18. Kitsune707 says:

    That moment with Roxy really got me wishing we could help all the animatronics just as we did with Sun drop

  19. me when he goes to the Western theme room: COWBOYS CANT SHOOT SLOW, OR THEY WILL END UP BELLOW!

  20. Shadow says:

    In the platforming sequence with Monty, I thought of the part from the first Little Nightmares game with the granny.

  21. Im_Saph says:

    I love how Markiplier thinks he's killing the little wet floor bots when he deactivates the while you're like "let's save this little fella"

  22. The voice you're hearing is Chica's not Vanny's.

  23. Hi SuperHorrorBro I love this and I hope you have a good day and you are awesome

  24. i dont think the rabbit is glitchtrap, i think it's a red herring. someone said in the comments of an earlier video that they think the rabbit is like the puppet, and that seems most likely to me; that it's just a neutral security system that keeps people out at all costs (including those people's deaths) in order to keep actual glitchtrap – aka the thing impersonating gregory and giving helpy orange eyes & a smarmy attitude on occasion – from infecting a person & getting loose in the world

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