Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS Week 9 Full Game 2023

10 Replies to “Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS Week 9 Full Game 2023”

  1. i miss the good old days of the roughriders playing the roughriders. only the cfl could have 2 teams with the same name for nearly 20 plus years.

  2. Ben Lujan says:

    Thanks for posting — love CFL!

  3. Was at this game. Very loud and Fine did a great job last night.

  4. TAZZ B says:

    – WTG SASK –
    awsome very nice comeback to win

  5. Hot dang! What a helluva game!

  6. Larry McCue says:

    No crum back? Ottawa should have gone for 7.

  7. i was at the game last night and like it was so crazy with all the saskatchewan fans. it was a close game

  8. James328 says:

    Thanks for editing and uploading this game. I would love to see all 4 games every week.

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