Say "Nice Putt" When You Make One.

Get Your Frisbee Club Embroidered trucker hat and t-shirt Here (handshake …


23 Replies to “Say "Nice Putt" When You Make One.”

  1. Tsa Votum. Overstable eagle

  2. Apparel with some of your go to saying like one that just says cracked or Nerdy or Peej or frisbee clubber and still can have frisbee club logo on it

  3. Jodaeenjoys says:

    Some black shorts with large purple frisbee club logo across the front side

  4. I’ve been watching for a couple months now and I only just realized you didn’t have like 100k subs lmao. You deserve more subs lol

  5. Kackbax says:

    I want to see the drawing I got in my order on merch

  6. Nick Sumpter says:

    Need a Frisbee Club towel 🤝

  7. Rob Gibby says:

    Those Ultras have crazy ground play for a mid. Still slacking on snagging one 🤦‍♂️

  8. Rob Gibby says:

    "Darn" 😂😂
    Hey Brod, ive tried all the links. Is there an actual Frisbee Club sign up/membership type thing?

  9. Bro a little frisbee club crewneck at the end of august or beginning of September for that fall disc golf would be awesome.

  10. Jin Lee says:

    My current "come-backer" drill is
    — putt twice from lie, if you make both 🤝
    — putt twice from furthest miss, must make both to finish hole
    — repeat until you make both (stay aggressive, miss high, miss strong)
    — you can lay up at any time (twice) to exit the drill

    Keep score if you want to make yourself feel bad.

  11. Remy Smith says:

    Love the putting tips, I'm switching from push to spin, running every putt, doesn't work every time (yet) but it feels much better, especially when they smash center chains and stick. Definitely would love to see a Frisbee Club hoodie 🤝

  12. Nate Maas says:

    A sweet purple, black or white frisbee club dry fit shirt would sell at least one… you know, something to match my frisbee club hat.

  13. costco already has christmas stuff out, you should have dropped the fall line last month lol

  14. Richard P says:

    Nice Putting. With putting It helps to have the right technique and everything. But It's also about having confidence. If you don't think it going in it probably won't. I have always struggled with the putt. Great episode. New sub here🤝

  15. Yes please all the putting tips

  16. South Toe says:

    A long sleeve version of that lavender shirt you're wearing would be cool!

  17. Josh Jackson says:

    It's all in your follow thru. Try putting from like 50 on a steep hyzer angle but same form aim at the basket and putt hard. It's cool how it will swing right but always go at the basket if you follow thru pointing at it.

  18. Now i know you are solid on your firebirds, but i lost some of mine and i also want a beat in overstabel 9 speed. Raptor was that out of the box, been using it for 4 months still flys the same. So might just stick with raptor for "flippy" overstabel 9 speed.

    Agree with other comment, Frisbee club baseballstyle Tees. Can use mine here in sweden for 5 months a year 😀

  19. Jack Hensel says:

    Anyway you can throw the rally vs a passion. Passion just doesn’t seem to go as long as I’d like for an 8 speed

  20. Steve R says:

    🧃🧃🧃 Frisbee Club baseball tees

  21. Yo brod I just got an innova Air Force stamped firebird from some dude used. Never thrown. It is wild this thing flies like a wraith I got 420 out of it while my other beef dogs clock out at 375. It is a champion plastic with sparkle not metal flake but some sparkle shit it hits.

  22. Luke Wallace says:

    Hunter Orange trucker hat would be sick for the Fall.

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