Scratch Greensome golf challenge.. Surely we keep holding them back? Part 3

We are at Fingle Glen doing a 18 hole greensome golf match against lee the golf guy exeter and mike barnes. We currently are unbeaten but now lee wants to play off scratch… things could change. in this golf challenge, Rogue Golfers look to retain their winning streak and improve their golf at the same time!

This isn’t just any golf video – We’re Rogue Golfers, after all! So you can expect some laughs, some banter, and some honest opinions. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we won’t hold back.

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See you on the course!


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Rogue Golfers is a golf channel covering the latest golf equipment, reviewing various golf products and giving our honest opinion on them along with some funny rounds of golf!
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3 Replies to “Scratch Greensome golf challenge.. Surely we keep holding them back? Part 3”

  1. Poor Mike, we've all had those moments

  2. Heydeereman says:

    Knock & roll 🤘

  3. All this sneaky tactics talk between holes.
    Its no wonder your unbeatable 🧐🏌️‍♂️

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