Should Porsche Build An Entry Level Model? | Episode 71

Join Manny, Rob and guest Bob Miller on this episode where they ask “should Porsche build an entry level model to attract younger buyers? They discuss the current market in used Porsches and what other brands younger people are buying. Plus, they cover the latest Porsches news and upcoming PCA events.

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23 Replies to “Should Porsche Build An Entry Level Model? | Episode 71”

  1. Craig S says:

    Great conversation. I'd love to see Porsche do an "entry level" car. Something like an Audi based Miata. I was 22 when I bought my first Porsche: A 3 year old 1986 944 Turbo (951) that I paid about $23,000. It was such a great car. Many Porsches later, I still find myself looking at them on BAT. I just need more room…

  2. How about a 912 with the flat four, no driver aids, and a manual transmission…?

  3. Superdave says:

    I bought an 1980 SC for about the price of new Cayman.

  4. Jim Iverson says:

    I know the flat-4 from the 718 is unloved, but it could be the basis of an entry level model. Either put it in a stripper (lightwieght?) Cayman/Boxster without a turbo or partner with another manufacturer who makes a front engine sports car that can fit a flat-4 engine. Porsche GR86, maybe?

  5. Anthony M says:

    The problem of the Boxster was guys thought of it as a car for women.

  6. Matt P says:

    As a St. Louis PCA member, I may be biased, but Rob needs to come to our Treffen in September! As far as a new entry-level Porsche sports car, I believe that it is needed. Many members in my club drive 718, Boxsters, and Caymans. I don't foresee this group switching to an EV 718 once the ICE 718 is put out to pasture. A major factor in this belief will be the increased cost of the EV 718. Could Porsche modify the existing ICE 718 platform to rebirth the 914 with a NA flat four?

  7. DC5Brandon says:

    718 chassis, Cayman if that saves cost over the Boxster convertible top. Manual since it must be cheaper to build than the PDK. At least 2.4 liter flat four, drop the turbo and give it a basic interior. I think Porsche can sell that car for $40K to be a true competitor to the 86. I don't think that will ever happen, but it's a fun excersize to imagine the possibility.

  8. Back when I was ready to buy an “entry level” Porsche, they had switched the Boxster/Cayman over to the turbo flat four… and as much as my brain was saying it was objectively a better car than it’s predecessors, my heart wasn’t in it because I knew I would miss that naturally aspirated flat six experience. So I used that money towards a 997 and kept the Boxster I had.

  9. J Pronto says:

    Any new performance Porche for the younger generation would have to drift well….

  10. Jeff Lehman says:

    Nothing about Porsche is “entry level”…!

  11. Stanley Bean says:

    So wait, so Armie Hammer was accused of something, but never charge because there was no evidence and you guys won’t say his name !!!!!that’s part of the problem with his country just because someone is accused of something does not mean they did it, you guys have just lost a subscriber.

  12. Ian Hardin says:

    I think one of the downfalls of the 914 was that nicely specced it was close enough in price to a base 911 at the time. Ive not specced out a 718 but i would guess we'd see something similar-if not as pronounced. Did Porsche go too big on the Boxster and price it out of "entry level?" Maybe at MSRP. So entry level becomes 986 & 996 models with fingers crossed in re IMS & bore scoring. With vintage prices going up up up it will probably remain this way. Would a joint VW/Porsche project be the answer (a new Karmann Ghia/914)? I think the younger generations are all about utility, and a 2 seater with a frunk & trunk might still not be enough to motivate to pass on their current choices. I know I would buy one…but I'm 50.

  13. M W says:

    Porsche is Porsche for a reason. There is no substitute. The entry level Porsche is a used Porsche. These kids buy BMW or VW and hope to one day own a Porsche. Don't cheapen the brand from new.

  14. Hale Sneezer says:

    Entry level would be $60-$60k

  15. BauerR says:

    Use the current 2.5L Turbo engine, put it in the front, make rwd and manual, I'll buy it.
    Make Carbon roof, carbon buckets, light weight glass and PCCB's available options.
    That's my spec

  16. Roger Moises says:

    Horrible audio on today's episode of the podcast, stopped it after a couple of minutes in… I will try to watch/listen here for this week only.

  17. DHS says:

    Base Macan is $61K not $44K.. Margins in the entry level market are slim to none especially if it requires a new design. Porsche is selling all they can make now so I wouldn't hold my breath for something new especially a low margin entry level model unless it is a rebadge which would no doubt be a failure. They have not done well with their entry level attempts in the past. It is not what they do.

  18. Sue R Hamill says:

    Sadly, I think an entry level Porsche is very unlikely. My first was a new '73 914 which I kept for 34 years. And, still have occasional contact with the 4th owner who is sort of a collector who is likely to keep it. On my 10th Porsche now but still have great memories of that first one. I asked Bruce Anderson, long time former tech chair of PCA, about 30? years ago if he thought an entry level Porsche could be built. He said no, primarily due to increasing regulations. Many more these days. Now the major deterrent may be the per unit Profit Porsche enjoys would not work at entry level cost, IMO.

  19. What’s up with the audio? Voices going in and out. It’s unlistenable for me.

  20. My brother and I are 2nd generation Porsche owners.

    We got our start in used Porsche's. I had a 64 and my brother still has his 65, wjich when he bought it he upgraded to look like an RSR, by the way it was Dave Morse's first Porsche.

  21. It will be initially hated, then semi loved later on

    Used Porsche's are entry level vehicles

  22. morgan von says:

    The most available vehicle on dealer lots are used Taycans. Another EV that drives like any other ev is a recipe for disaster.

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