Should you buy the Garmin r10 or Rapsodo MLM2PRO in 2023

This is a follow on video and an update to my in-depth video about the Garmin r10 and Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Right now which one should you buy?

Should you buy the Garmin R10 or the Rapsodo MLM2PRO? // Full Breakdown!

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18 Replies to “Should you buy the Garmin r10 or Rapsodo MLM2PRO in 2023”

  1. Whisky Echo says:

    Hey Joe,
    Enjoy the videos, many thanks!! I have been using the MLM2 since early May and have worked through many of the issues. Playing through the free courses on E6 mostly trouble free now. Only an occasional glitch or no read. Experimenting with putting from the fringe using a ramp with limited success. Looking forward to the chipping update. Trying to decide whether to make the jump to GS Pro.

  2. MedlinAround says:

    Didn't watch the whole video so you may have quoted it, but you do know you can play GSPro on the Garmin as well right?

  3. St Andrew says:

    GS Pro not Gasprom

  4. St Andrew says:

    Joe , I watch your channel from Canada and I think it’s great. I have the MLM 2 but do I need a computer for Gasprom or can I use my iPad. I’m in the dark about this.

  5. HR Boyce says:

    Joe.. is there any reason why the GSPro connector you have been using from the community couldn’t be used with any device that interfaces with an iPad? It seems that as long as the data points are presented on a single iPad screen you could edit the JSON file and identify the areas of interest and be off and running with GSPro simulation. Unfortunately I am back on the sidelines when it comes to launch monitors. Had an early R10, before the RCT golf balls, and it read a practice swing that had no ball contact and told me it went 40 yards. Had the MLM2PRO and lived thru that unholy mess for 2 months before calling it a day and sending it back. Decided to go to a photo based unit, SkyTrak+, and it had connectivity issues, and data issues as well. More than once it reported that my 15 yd chip was hit with at least a 94 mph swing and presented an on screen depiction of a ball flight that had a corkscrew like path going way of to the right when it just missed the bullseye in my net. I’ve decided I don’t want GIMME GOLF so I am now looking for a launch monitor that does a good job of simulating putting when playing a round of Sym golf. Since I sent my SkyTrak+ back there have been 1 firmware and 2 software updates so I may give it another try and then move on to the EyeCore Mini or Bushnell Pro once I have the cash to make a purchase like that. Until then, fortunately, I can play outside except when the heat index gets too high.

  6. Derek Watson says:

    Currently have the r10. Is it worth buying a laptop and just running gspro off the laptop and not to a projector? I'm in a townhouse complex with limited space. And can't use it indoors.

  7. If you can afford it, you should buy the Skytrak+.

  8. WhaleShark says:

    What do you think for folks who only want to take the launch monitor to the range vs have it permanently set up? Which is easier/more accurate to set up at the range?

  9. Bmac193 says:

    Hey Joe, does the MLM2PRO need a leveling stand like the R10? I have an outdoor setup that is relatively level but I do have a stand for my r10 and notice it helps.

  10. Paul McMahon says:

    I agree with all of that. Having the accurate spin is a game changer. Also, stay tuned for a new release of the MLM/GSPRO connector with some nice new features.

  11. Do you need the rapsodo subscription to use the mlm2pro with awesome golf?

  12. The subscription fee is why I didn't buy the Rapsodo but opted for the R10. I would sooner save that subscription money towards a unit that has putting, maybe a Flightscope.

  13. Anthony C says:

    I agree Joe, The spin axis and now with GsPro, it is worth the $200 a year extra over the R10. Do you think Rowen will do a direct PC connector like the R10 has? Also have you tried Awesome golf direct bluetooth PC connection as per Herb Lamb YouTube video – Connect MLM2PRO to Awesome Golf on Windows via direct Bluetooth (no Rapsodo app) ? I do not have Awesome golf but would be interested to know if the connection is more stable when bypassing the Rapsodo App?

  14. Luke Mullin says:

    Spin axis measurement is a clincher for me. I know that it will require a monthly subscription fee ultimately, but that is worth paying for. It means no need to go to the driving range so I’ll save on that. Also, alignment is a doddle unlike the Garmin which I did own, but sold when I heard about the MLM2PRO

  15. Bout are good value for money. I play indoor with the R10 14 feet to the screen. With the RCT ball it,s mostly bang on . Outside it has a easy setup on range and it has 10 hour battery life. Range sessions from both GSPro and R10 app can be imported to the same golfshot analysis program. ( Golfshot Analytics ). A unik combination for the money invested if you have the right environment.

  16. Thanks Joe, I am very happy with my MLM2pro the estimated spin axis with the R10 was the deal breaker for me too. I feel rapsodo are on top of any bugs from what I read in the Facebook groups.

  17. Ken Hall says:

    Thanks Joe, because I already have the R10 and still use a net outside I will wait for the mlm2 to stabilise and give Garmin time to respond with a possible new launch monitor, I can see the need for the spin axis data, hopefully if Garmin do bring out a new unit it will have all that good stuff and hopefully not such an expensive subscription.

  18. We can't deny the accuracy of the mlm. But that subscription fee is the killer. People who are looking at these units what a budget friendly device. When you tack on those fees it's just to expensive for what you get. Terrible sim golf. If it was a quality sim like wgt then you can say fine you get what you pay for. As it sits. I'll be waiting for something better.

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