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Should You Make Your Golf Driver Shorter AskGolfGuru with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark answers questions about drivers and the length of your golf club for straighter longer golf drives. Play your best golf with mark’s iPhone golf app, iPad golf app and Android golf app and his golf videos.


28 Replies to “Should You Make Your Golf Driver Shorter AskGolfGuru”

  1. Chuck Lucas says:

    Cut my speed zone shaft down to 44 inches have 14 gram weight in the front an put a 4 gram in the back the difference was amazing

  2. Interesting that when I choke up on my driver almost all the way to the shaft, the ball goes straight as a bullet and I don’t lose any length really.

  3. I shortened my Ping G 410 SFT driver to 43.5 inches. This is exactly a half inch longer than my 3 Wood. It turned out to be the perfect length for me. It came at 45.5 inches. The shorter length made the sweet spot very easy to find on the club face. Now its hard to hit a bad one. Being short I don't need a 45 or 46 inch driver. Jack Nicklaus played a driver less than 43 inches long. Even some of the pro's play with shorter drivers now. If you cannot keep your ball in play whats the sense of having a really long driver to hit an occasional super long shot if your missing a good deal of fairways ??? Nice thing is I can still hit them long even at 43.5 inches. Spider Dubiel

  4. i recently switched my 3 wood Ping G400 shaft over to my G400 driver just for grinds, and it did well! I hit around 30 balls, and all went straight down the middle. Now, I need to switch back & get a shaft 44" (?) or whatever the 3 wood uses.

  5. Alps P says:

    Surely first thing you have to consider is the height and swing path of the player
    Imagine a 5ft player using a longer driver ! Surely he’s gonna struggle with that length

  6. I’m 6’2”…long arms…shorter drive is longer for me because my arm strength controls shaft/head inertia on down swing…too long of shaft and shaft/head inertia causes one to try to control rather than speed through strike area

  7. Joe Dubiel says:

    44 inch driver is perfect for me. When you find the sweet spot of that club head more often the ball goes further and straighter with a shorter driver. And your find more fairways too. Not a bad thing. 🙂 The great Jack Nicklaus used a driver that was under 43 inches. Spider Dubiel

  8. 99spd says:

    I cut all my clubs down 3 inches and hit each club straighter and 15 yards further. My driver goes about 290 now. The manufacturers are full of bs.

  9. If I cut the shaft by 1 inch to 1.5 inch can I add lead tape under the top of the grip to regain the swing weight

  10. dpardo74 says:

    I cut my length down 2 inches on my nike covert 2.0. I can now carry it average 240 without a full backswing, straight as an arrow. When I give it a little more gas I hit it about 260-265. Three years ago, I could not find the fairway to save my life with a 45 inch driver.

  11. Alan Martins says:

    I cut mine down to 44 inches and gained yards. not it's not easy to hit a 47 inch driver no matter what you do

  12. You can swing a 47 inch driver just fine if it's light enough which is never the case.

  13. Bob Pfaff says:

    You mentioned the tall Asian gent playing with a shorter shaft than you and I note some comments below focus on a person's height. A lot depends on the length of someone's arms as opposed to height. I am 6'1" with long arms. A 44.5" driver is the maximum I am comfortable with. When drivers only had steel shafts the norm was 43.5" – yes in part because of weight. And don't get me started on the ridiculously long fairway woods that some manufacturers are bringing out now.

  14. Brian Reilly says:

    when I gripped down on my driver the distance and control was amazing I was hitting it longer

  15. Sniper 180 says:

    American golf told me that cutting the driver length will change the flex and make it stiffer… is this true?

  16. John Contoso says:

    I'm 5' 7.7'' and use a 47'' driver, isn't that too long for my height? I do feel it's a bit hard to control, but then again, I'm a beginner, still learning a proper golf swing.

  17. onespeed says:

    My Cobra S3 Max driver is 43.5"….short length + offset = fairways!

  18. Shelly Bee says:

    Another way to gain more control and hit straighter shots with your current driver is just choke down half an inch and swing normally

  19. I was measured for a set of irons and was told for my height and wrist to floor measurement I needed 3/4 of an inch over standard length shafts. I was wondering if this equates to the driver too?

  20. huston345 says:

    Ok, as a clubmaker cut the length 46 inches most amareurs can't control it also swinging a shorter driver may increase your length. Center of strike is the most important factor period.

  21. 90% fairways? behave!

  22. Hey mark I love your golf tips and review it had helped my golf game a lot I was wondering if you could do a review you grey golf bag or tell me where I could by one thanks Jake

  23. dave corlett says:

    same is true for golfers not having enough loft on their drivers

  24. Max K says:

    Hi Mark, can you please compare the Taylormade r1 vs. the Titleist 913 D2?


  25. Mark do u think having a shorter swing is better, worse, or just as good as having a longer swing like Dustin Johnson?

  26. Jack Nathan says:

    Mark really like watching your vids they've helped me a lot do u think that a small head for a 3 wood would be easier to hit than a larger head?

  27. CosmicApe says:

    You have to find what works for you. I thought it was a shorter driver for a while, but I was wrong. I'm 6'1 with longer arms, but all my irons are longer by a half inch and I bumped my driver up to 45 1/2. I've never been more accurate and long with the driver in my life. Gotta just get out there and test it out.

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