Silas Schultz: In The Bag

25 Replies to “Silas Schultz: In The Bag”

  1. Love Jacob and all the crew over at Team Figgins!

  2. DgDagwood says:

    I guarantee Silas filmed and edited this himself. Except the Champion Cup footy obviously. 🤣

  3. iIliterati says:

    Can I suggest whenever you make a shot you say you're adding it to "the silight reel"

  4. Dan Trutron says:

    Have appreciated watching this guy, well done piece. I wonder if sponsored pros can call the company team rep and arrange to get whatever discs they want either at a shop or by shipment to next location ? I'm clueless, obviously.

  5. Tyler Held says:

    the QR code sends you to the best Instagram reels ever

  6. Aaron Jordan says:

    Hands down the best In The Bag Video I’ve seen. Great job production!!🔥

  7. I am leaking .. Thanks a lot "Dude"
    I'll "B" the judge of that… 360

  8. M. Paul Ford says:

    Future World Champ

  9. Drew says:

    Lol what’s the QR code it wasn’t scanning for me

  10. Just requested this in the bag on Discmanias comment section after Champs cup, lol

  11. All my discs are ladies, our bags should meet up (;

  12. One of the swaggiest players on tour. No cap

  13. The Canadian National FDs are such a money run of c-line metal flake🤌👌

  14. Sam Skalsvik says:

    Great edit, more videos like that one pppllleeeaaasseee!

  15. That music tho… weeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. Dudley Noon says:

    yeet! skrrrrt! yeet! drop that! yeet skrrrt! 🥏

  17. Noah Gamerl says:

    QR code is perfect

  18. A says:

    PDGA is a hungry hungry hippo. RIP non PDGA people.


  20. Need more of this series💪🏼

  21. Ranger Ryley says:

    Amazing outro honestly

  22. Really hope to see more of Silas on coverage, seems like a great person and really impressive form, also his IG is top notch👌🏻

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