Simon Lizotte Debates Uli, Brodie Was Leading Ledgestone, Cole Redalen, Missy Gannon | Tour Life #30

The boys are in Kentucky this week preparing for Idlewild and discuss all the latest in disc golf. Ledgestone Open recap with special guests Cole Redalen and Missy Gannon, Simon and Uli debate over Northwood Black, and is DNF’ing the cool thing to do now?
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5:15-16:48 Brodie & Uli Tournament Recap
16:49-56:00 Simon Lizotte Debates Uli
58:00-1:20:00 Missy Gannon Thinks Kristin Tattar’s Beatable
1:27:00-2:15:00 Cole Redalen Wants More Camo Pants
2:16-17-2:17:19 Canadian Championships Recap
2:17:20-2:19:25 European Open Impressive Numbers
2:19:26-2:23:00 Idlewild Preview
2:23:01-2:30:00 Listener Questions
2:30:01-2:40:20 Brodie’s Rant on DNF’s
2:47:00-2:48:24 Brodie & Uli Picks

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38 Replies to “Simon Lizotte Debates Uli, Brodie Was Leading Ledgestone, Cole Redalen, Missy Gannon | Tour Life #30”

  1. Catrina took Kristin down at the Preserve, I know Cat hasn’t been consistent, but Cat has 2 wins to Missy’s 1, and Missy doesn’t play or practice in the offseason, if she committed to it more she wouldn’t start out so slow.

  2. RubberTiger says:

    Y’all need to do run through a before the podcast starts. Have the guests come on for a few minutes before to make sure everything is working. Love the podcast but had to turn it off because it’s episode had too many issues.

  3. I would really be curious what a pga camera crew would come up with.

  4. Really like the European open that had the basket cam. That was different and cool.

  5. Mike Foley says:

    Did Brodie just accidentally call Cole “Colon” or “Colen” catchy

  6. unwatchable with that amount of ads….

  7. Troy Rugger says:

    Back again didn't make it through the 1st 5 minutes. Wish ud either fix it or not put em out. I either want to hear it all or none, I'm not trying to skip around while listening at work. Haven't made it to a guest yet

  8. Open disc golf is so boring to watch

  9. Alec Bollman says:

    Sorry, just curious.. dont want to be rude but does my guy Cole have a dip in his lip or is it just the way his mouth is?

  10. 100% agreed with Brodie on his stance about DNFs

  11. Hot Take: Mac belongs in chili

  12. Disc golf in general has a teepad issue ! 70% of all teepads suck. Ive been playing since 1989.
    Point #2 the 3 of you need to buy a property and make this course.

  13. Jon Seliski says:

    for live coverage, have more overhead diagrams with players disc location.

  14. Technical difficulties must be coming from Silas. Either that or nobody has good internet.

  15. Literally 90% of fans want more wooded courses… Northwood Black is 100x more fun to watch on video than is Jonesboro (which is frankly boring).

  16. kearneysp says:

    When scoring is easy it means there are fewer players capable of being in contention which makes watching it less entertaining to watch

  17. Brice Rosa says:

    I like Northwood black

  18. Watching birdie-fest courses is the most boring thing ever. I love watching courses like Northwood

  19. Gold Star is not as good as Skyline from my experience.

  20. The Wiz says:

    Darts is also thousands of years older than disc golf. Not a good comparison

  21. The Wiz says:

    You can't complain about poor camera quality, but don't want the quality of the game to increase. They are hand in hand

  22. Hopimg this podcast lasts a long time. Love the insight from all the players. Great questions, overall amazing. Thank you all for your valuable time

  23. The Wiz says:

    Disc golf being too easy is a huge problem. Disc golf is easy compared to ball golf. They are also broke af compared to ball golf. Why even say you want to grow the sport financially but still expect sports fans to take a sport that's played in playgrounds seriously? Or spend near as much money as the do on golf tickets, NFL tickets, etc when they can tell that the product is not near as good as those sports? Disc golf is so weird. Grow the sport, just not too far😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Jacob Porter says:

    Uli kept mentioning 2-somes and you just can't do that as you need and person to help with ob calls and such for fairness

  25. Ryan Phelps says:

    Missing Gannon is good for FPO. The cockiness just oozes. I hope she continues to improve and we get to see Tattar vs. Gannon for the next few years.

  26. doug friend says:

    "hurt or injured" borrowed from PMT just for the record

  27. Mad Ammo says:

    Brodie subtly questioning the moon landings just made me like him even more.

  28. You guys should try getting a sponsorship with Rice Krispies with all the snap #crackle and pop you are giving away for free out here. 😅

  29. Azwell says:

    I had to turn this episode off early. I couldn’t disagree more with quite a bit that was said about the broadcasting of disc golf and where the sport is today, and where it should/needs to be.

  30. Pitcher1496 says:

    Gold Star is trash. Skyline is the GOAT

  31. Ryan Phelps says:

    embracing that DG is easier does not mean every single course has to be easier. If players keep getting better, people are going to be getting -18 to win, and then there's no where to improve.

  32. Kristin did know the putt at WACO was for the win.

  33. TKnee says:

    so funny- bandwidth issues for a podcast that should be only Audio only anyway. I get the reach of Youtube is far superior to any one podcast provider but, if you can't generate the content. Why?

  34. Jesse Rayson says:

    Put camera operators in tree stands on corners so they can follow the full flight of the disc around corners from above

  35. Pet peeve: Every DG podcast has technical difficulties

  36. Nick Madden says:

    Brody, IT professional here. Plug into Ethernet

  37. Larry Short says:

    Seeing as how the PDGA hates America, Parked is measured in meters, not feet. Parked is 3M

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