SLICE FIX IN UNDER 1 MINUTE #golf #golftips #golfinstruction #golfswing #alexelliottgolf

7 Replies to “SLICE FIX IN UNDER 1 MINUTE #golf #golftips #golfinstruction #golfswing #alexelliottgolf”

  1. 1 min + hours, days, weeks… practicing it!!

  2. harold brown says:

    After 1000s of videos I've come to the realization I will forever suck at this game

  3. Lé thierry says:

    Hi Alex , merci beaucoup pour tes conseils. All yours vidéos help me a lot. Best regard.

  4. Great tip I've been using this tip for a while now and really paying off dead straight shots with slight draw. Thanks Alex 👍

  5. Jim Kelehan says:

    Simple and very effective! Thanks for another great trip Alex!

  6. GrimTheDino says:

    Best golf coach on YouTube!!! Keep up the great work Alex!!!

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