Smooth Swing Golf Tracer App

Review of the Golf App for iPhones Smooth Swing, similar to the golf app shot tracer, but much more reliable, better graphics and most importantly it’s free


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My name is Erich and I live in Italy welcome to my channel. I used to play golf on and off for many years, but I started my journey again about 8 years ago, changing my swing completely.

My goal is to become a single figure handicap golfer in the near future.

To achieve this goal, I built my own backyard putting green and set up a backyard golf net. I love playing in my backyard green, doing drills, club reviews and playing at the range and at the course to get better at the game and ultimately reach my goal (hopefully).

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10 Replies to “Smooth Swing Golf Tracer App”

  1. Henry Grillo says:

    Can you upload a previous swing or do all swings need to be taken in the app?

  2. A says:

    can you save the videos?

  3. Zach Bianco says:

    Will this work if my phone is sideways, and not up and down? I can’t seem to find a phone mount that mounts a phone onto a tripod up and down

  4. Tom Agnew says:

    is there any way to trace previous golf clips, i keep trying but dont get anywhere, some advice would be great thank you

  5. Fundando says:

    Awesome. I can't believe you can do this without specialty hardware!

  6. Meazles Golf says:

    Thank you for this info.

    I got the app and it did say that it would not work with a yellow ball. I am going to the driving range today where they have yellow balls and I will test it myself.

    Also, I noticed that you cannot reverse the side you are viewing/recording from. I had trouble with my phone holder where I needed to hold my phone in such a way that the tripod got in the way, which has since been fixed.

    After today's results, I might go ahead and purchase it for $10 to see if it truly read the yardage of each club against my range finder.

    Nonetheless, this is an EXCELLENT FIND! Thanks again.

  7. This is very cool 😎 I don't want to buy a iPhone though 😔

  8. Glad to see that there is another option out there that traces ball flights other then shotracer. Looks like it tracks pretty well. The only downside is having to line up the ball before you hit it. Very cool app thou.

  9. Cool to see some competition to ShotTracer. Hopefully it comes to Android or even better to PC as a plugin. I've been in contact with ShotTracer as separate application out of the video editor doesn't work for me. Anyway great app. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

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