So Many 5 Star Reviews! WOW

Skeptical about the Power Disc Golf Academy? We expect that. So don’t take Paul’s word for it, take the word of our members who are throwing further, hitting more fairways, sinking more putts, shooting personal bests and having more fun playing disc golf. Here is a link to over 300 5 Star Reviews and success stories from actual Academy Members.

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Here is our current curriculum list and member benefits that is available to Power Disc Golf Academy Members. If you want to join, visit to get signed up.

Exclusive Academy Discounts
*10% off all purchases from Another Round Disc Golf
*15% discount on Disc Golf Caddie Co. products
*10% discount at Disc Raptor
*17% discount at Visionary Disc Golf (Practice Nets)
*20% discount at Putt Confidently

Spin Putt
* Stance
* Arm Position
* Wrist Position
* Grip
* Momentum Shift
* Small Muscles
* Release Point
* Tap in Putts
* Complete Step by Step Examples
* Distance Practical Examples
* Common Amateur Mistakes
* Jump Putt
* Step Putt

Push Putt
* Difference Between Push Putt and Spin Putt
* Grip
* Creating Spin
* Putt by Distance Practical Example
* Common Amateur Mistakes

Straddle Putting
* Elements of Straddle Putt
* Putt by Distance Practical Example
* Common Amateur Mistakes

Putting in the Wind
*Head Wind
*Tail Wind
*Left to Right Wind
*Right to Left

X Step
* Creating Momentum
* Footwork
* Footwork Part 2
* Staying Toe Oriented
* Link Upper and Lower Body
* Generating Power
* Releasing Power Last Step
* Aiming. Arm Follows Knee
* Anticipating Next Step
* Rounding for Touch
* Common Mistake. Timing on Wrong Foot
* Common Mistake. Big X Step
* Common Mistake. Staying Level
* Fixing Common Amateur Mistakes
* Right vs Wrong

Back Hand Throws
* Grip
* Angle Control

Approach Shots inside 200 Feet
* Grip and Arm Position
* Footwork
* Creating Spin
* Putting it All Together

Throwing in The Wind
* Head Wind
* Tail Wind
* Right to Left Wind
* Left To Right Wind

Shot Shopping
* Hyzer Flips
* Turn Over Anhyzer
* Low Control Shot

Sidearm / Forehand
*Weight Shift and Body Position
*Upper Body Position
*Creating Spin
*Fingers and Wrist
*Follow Through
*Do’s and Dont’s
*Hyzer and Anhyzer

Warm Up Routine for Competition
*Throwing Tail Wind
*Throwing Head Wind
*Putting Warm Up

Drills and Field Work
* Putting Game
* Creating Spin On Push Putt
* Putting Height
* Create Consistent Putting Release Point
* Putting Speed Control
* Create Spin Putt Velocity
* Throwing in the wind
* 150 Foot Create Spin
* Front, Middle and End Flight (3 part drill)
* Getting Back Loaded
* Touch Shot Speed Control
* Flex Shot
* Straight Line Throw


10 Replies to “So Many 5 Star Reviews! WOW”

  1. Discs MD says:

    The Academy is more than worth it. The coaching videos are a game changer. And the community is world class. What Paul and Dave are building is the real deal. Its more than a course, it's a culture.

  2. Learning and growing to be better at something makes me feel good and improves other parts of my life, too. It's awesome that people are gaining that from these classes as well! Sweet deal, guys!

  3. I'm not part of the academy, but I'm glad to hear so many people improving their putting. It's a part of the game that people tend to neglect. I've always loved practicing putting. I could spend an hour just hitting circle's edge putts and be as happy as I've ever been. This means that I don't miss many putts inside the circle. I'm an old guy so I have to compensate distance for my putting =) Anyway, good to hear you're helping people with the short game guys.

  4. Sam Howl says:

    He wants this to be successful so bad

  5. Sam Ordaz says:

    Thanks for sending the two videos to watch. They were helpful.

  6. TheTchieX says:

    The X-step videos for linking up the wrist and feet are amazing. My timing is better than it ever has been now. The problem I have now is that my footwork is so good my rotation is fast enough to collapse my arm so I cannot maintain the power pocket. I cannot seem to pull into the power pocket fast enough to maintain the 90deg bend and space between my chest and forearm.
    Any tips/drills for this problem? It basically causes rounding which is tearing my shoulder up.

  7. Pickle Media says:

    Thank you for taking user feedback seriously, the intro music on each clip was almost a deal-breaker but since that has been addressed I can't think of anything to complain about. Cheers

  8. Ehudakineyah says:

    I’ll make sure to leave a review 😃

    I’m really seeing results and loving the course and coaching ❤️

    Sadly typical putting stance doesn’t click with me. Now just doing straddle stance. But I’ve seen the putting range change drastically and the ease of distance with the minor tweaks from Uli’s teachings 😊 I actually get lost in the C1 distance now when I think I’m in the circle, but I’m 40-45 ft out 🤯 shocked!

    Throwing is the next step to change! Even just the minor tweaks have gotten me from throwing 300-320 ft backhands max distance with 11-12 speeds, to now throwing 375-380 ft comfortably with 9-10 speeds 🤯

    Hopefully I can bring back my forehand game with the rest of the videos you did 👍🏻 backhand and putting was the main focus for now.

    I love that you mention the confidence and drive “off the course” 😊 it has given me lots of confidence and dedication to get myself healthier and fit. Now down 80 lbs lost from October! (From being 290+ lbs). And I can play rounds without dying physically just “walking the course” lol. Which is a big win for me!

    I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Power DGA! I love it!

    Shot 60 points above my rating on our few C-tiers we have here as well! I think it’ll bump my rating maybe 40 ish points up 😊 which I’m happy to see!

    Keep up the great work you guys!

    Aloha! And mahalo for reading 😊

    – Keene

  9. Blake Werner says:

    Thats walgreens Mcbeth right there

  10. 2heath1 says:

    I would have bet money that was paul mcbeth from the thumbnail

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