Nick Taylor authorised Stack and Tilt and GOLFTEC instructor discusses the biggest mistake made by golfers using the driver with the Stack and Tilt golf swing.

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  1. I've noticed same as me your right foot slides behind on downswing. Is this ok?

  2. mtdstc says:

    the hips forward and tilt that you helped her correct, can this be applied to irons as well?

  3. Dorian B says:

    Hi Nick. Do you know of any stack and tilt instructors in the Vancouver Canada area? We used to have a Golf Tek close to where I live, but it has since closed down. Thanks.

  4. wstout633 says:

    I am a trying to implement your stack and tilt instructions. I am 6'8" tall and the driver is my nemesis. I'm a 15 handicap and I only hit a couple fairways a round. I hook and pull tee shots a lot. I am trying to tilt the shoulders, get the hips moving forward. It's very hard as my hips just immediately want to rotate or spin out. Any other tips for the tall golfer I would appreciate it. I love your videos, keep it up. Thanks

  5. jim neal says:

    Does this hips forward/increased tilt in the downswing also work for irons. I ask because sometimes I tend to over tilt with irons causing me to hit the ball rather thin.

  6. RobSea69 says:

    Very well presented. Good job!

  7. Daniel Vulaj says:

    This is definitely something I need to work on, do you perhaps have a drill I could do at the driving range to help with getting my hips forward and tilting my shoulders with the driver?

  8. whocant says:

    Love it Nick. Mark my words, I am nearly 69 playing off 15. With your Channel I will get to single figure.
    Thank You!

  9. Steve Bell says:

    You just fixed my driver swing after 10 years on stack and tilt, buying the original Mike and Andy DVD's and book. Thank you very much.

  10. Bob Ball says:

    Too many facts, numbers, and data to help me out this time. B.

  11. mizzo9 says:

    I’ve been using stack and tilt for a few weeks now and my irons are so much better but driver swing hasn’t worked as well. Today I used this tip of tilting my right shoulder more following my hip and it was a huge difference. Thank you!!!

  12. Mark Kuper says:

    Nick, thanks for this video for it explains in great detail the downswing "). Question: Hip Turn at contact? Seems the hips are forward but not turning until after impact! I would think a little more hip turn at contact would be helpful! Thanks

  13. I tried the noodle thing but it doesn't work still healing and slicing

  14. Fine video Nick. Q. Which hand do you hit the ball with ?

  15. 楊維賢 says:

    If you look at the video of Mike Bennett, Mike Weir, Aaron Bradley, the inventer of S&T and the most known player,you will find a totally different story.
    Watch how they throw the right arm away, feel how they coordinate the forearms with the legs and the elbow with the pelvis.
    At least, they do not use the chest to drive the arms before impact.

  16. Dan says:

    Hi Nick, great content, just wondering if the technique used here (tilt on backswing and tilt on downswing) is the same for the irons as well as the driver? Many Thanks

  17. Thanks Nick. Very interesting and quite a transformation in that golfers swing. Love the videos

  18. Rohit Das says:

    In short always swing your club past a stationary head! Driver to putter. Correct Nick?

  19. Victor Chan says:

    How to hit high shot and low with s&s technique? Set up same?

  20. SeniorSwing says:

    Hello Nick, what about squadding, do we do it in no time? Or everything happend so quickly, that that move is not seen?

  21. Richie 165 says:

    Took this to the range a few hours ago Nick and I couldn't believe the difference it made,,, I will really work on this in the future, excellent help much appreciated, thank you coach Richie

  22. tom miller says:

    Really enjoy yours and Rob's detailed dual view video's. Really in-insightful detailed instruction. Thanks Nick. The driver just "feels" so different because of the longer shaft.

  23. J B says:

    Hi Nick just wondering since you changed your swing to S&T system, does any parts of your old swing ever try to creep back in ,what are your worst habits?and what are best maintenance tips you have once you have S&T fundamentals in place. Keep up the good work mate

  24. Andrew Round says:

    Very good advice for my Driver Training 👍👍

  25. Andy Becker says:

    I like right shoulder on top of right ear on backswing and left shoulder on top of left ear on down swing for this movement

  26. HWY 13 says:

    Also, the good swing on the right shows her trail arm close to her side on the downswing. The video on the left, you can see her trail arm separating from her side, which usually causes an outside-to-in path.

  27. This is amazing, I have been really working on tilt on down swing, been hitting the middle of the club face and hitting the push draw prescribed in the system

  28. I am one of your subbies on Youtube and I really enjoy your videos.❤️💞💗❣️💕💓

  29. Hey Nick, does this tilt also apply to the irons?

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