Steve Gets a Lesson From Professional Golf Coach

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46 Replies to “Steve Gets a Lesson From Professional Golf Coach”

  1. I thought this was going to be a 2 hour episode lmao

  2. Evan Cole says:

    How does this dude have every accent in the world at the same time?

  3. Daddy says:

    I absolutely love Cam he's such a G he just makes you feel good and fixes your swing at the same time

  4. Daddy says:

    Bums me out that Steve isn't a true golfer. The only reason he plays is to meet his legal obligation to Good Good. You look at Micah and Grant and just know golf is a major part of their lives you can tell they truly love the game.

  5. mark valis says:

    I need to know the distances of the head covers! Looks like the lead one is about 12" off the front foot

  6. Kyle says:

    Let's go Steve!!!

  7. Will Moore says:

    Steve has a crap ton of talent probably most on Good Good. However, his ability to keep interest is equally as bad. He goes through the motions more often than not. The moment his play goes south so does the quality. He and the others members of Good Good receive all of these lessons, club sponsorships, and whatever else yet to see any improvement. I do wish all well but the teachers and club representatives are wasting their time and effort on these guys.

  8. I love Steve but if you are going to be part of Good Good you need to play more than just during Good Good week. At least practice!

  9. Daniel Rieck says:

    I wanna thank you guys so much for this video… I could easily swing so much better after correcting those 2 things. Holy cow the difference 😳

  10. Fluffy Bunny says:

    You guys need to build an epic Mini Golf course.

  11. Wade Thomas says:

    FFS man tighten your hat or don't wear one. You don't swing that hard.

  12. What was he spraying on the club right after the beginning of the lesson??

  13. Jordan needs to get rid of this guy

  14. I Worked at Brook Hollow in Dallas and asked Cameron for lessons, that I said I will pay for, didn’t ask for freebees, and he said he doesn’t have the time. Guess not having a YouTube channel or a gazillion followers he has nothing to gain…

  15. Robert Tudor says:

    2:05 Dave … lol that look ……… Great simple lesson. The two best coaches atm Cameron McCormick and Eric Chong .. both Aussies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  16. This hip movement changed my swing and my game I watched this when it came out and I played today. Ive always struggled to hit my driver 200 yards or more and today I had a 320 yard drive on a par 5. This is what I need thank you Good Good

  17. Is this some kind of new kid trend for your hat to fall off every time you swing? I see it everywhere with these kids. Don’t get it

  18. Was this lesson before or after filming the most recent videos that have been posted? Cause the most recent videos Steve has just been a saucer of different gravy…

  19. Steve Bowen says:

    Really hope that this makes Steve's game easier and gives him that confidence, that always seems to be lacking. Such a great Guy.

  20. Limited mobility, similar to a T-Rex

  21. Hitler says:

    This quesadilla is fucking useless

  22. Supadupa says:

    Go oppo is what I always say.

  23. Conor Barry says:

    rest assured Steve will ignore this and go back to old ways next vid

  24. Quinn Reilly says:

    Great content, phenomenal teaching.

  25. He said he’s the best coach in the world what a humble king 💦

  26. What a coachable dude. That’s not a skill you can teach. Shoutout to Steve for grinding 🔥

  27. Jay Biv says:

    The creases being done to all the shoes in this video is hurting my soul

  28. hopefully he can fix jordans shot too

  29. Tone Abet says:

    steve is honestly the most talented golfer on good good

  30. I sure hope Steve has worn a seatbelt for the last four years. I've seen videos where ejectees survive but most just slam onto the cement/asphalt and they're usually already dead or nearly dead at this point. Now he's vulnerable to be hit or ran over by his own or other cars or crushed by a rolling car. Wear your seatbelt folks, ask Steve.

  31. Chris Hall says:

    i love steve, so relatable and just a great guy. i felt like he had been slowly improving as of recent, hopefully this will help and reduce the pain he has when playing

  32. Torrak says:

    It won't matter, every time and I mean EVERY TIME Steve plays with the boys his backswing is 200 miles per hour and short. He has had so many lessons and so much coaching it's not even funny and he forgets or just plane ignores the coaching. It's his tempo and rhythm at the golf course that let's him down. Great guy, fun to watch and all that but still…

  33. Lesson #1 – Get rid of the awful beard. Lesson #2 – Diet. Lesson #3 – Embrace Good Good with a positive attitude; my garage door has a better persona

  34. Ryan Alaniz says:

    Dang it. He almost got me on the not needing to practice a lot ending. Almost got away. See ya at the range boys haha

  35. JungleLarry says:

    Cameron is an absolute stud, love his coaching style

  36. George Swain says:

    Love that Cam is in GG 1/4 zip

  37. Old Ben says:

    thing is steve will forget and go right back to his old ways lol

  38. Chris Knill says:

    I think we are all discounting how many good players Steve has exclusively played with the entirety of his game… it’s crucial to play with the best to be the best. Btw Garrett, Tig & Kwon for the past couple years, I’m sure he’s picked up on some serious moves at the ball that could show up on the course at any given time. Usually when he focuses.

  39. Josh C says:

    not sure how the timeline lines up, but that money match the boys just played steve was striping the ball (and a the few videos before that if memory serves)… i assume the lesson was catalyst

  40. Tarrotdactyl says:

    Did not know that steve was in an accident like that. Glad he recovered and is still with us.

  41. Simply proves that Steve is the best golfer on Good Good

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