Chris Ryan shows you how you can use a feeling or a thought to improve the strike with your irons clubs.

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  1. Annie W says:

    Clear information, well presented thank you.

  2. John Wayne says:

    I hit everything but the golf hard ball

  3. Paul Lucas says:

    Thanks Chris the simple ones are always the best!

  4. Thanks so much Chris
    Regarding the left shoulder should I start the downswing with the left shoulder then
    Please let me know
    Rgds Arnie from South Africa

  5. OBB_TV says:

    This is a great video. Short, covered great points and not too complex. Thanks!!

  6. crashraynor says:

    You're an idiot. For one you've broken your wall. Two: keeping your head back will make you hit fat more often than less. Three: maybe try hitting the ball. You have excellent hand-eye, most of your students don't. Good for you that you can hit what you're swinging at. They can't. Do you need me to draw you a picture?

  7. Twistybum says:

    So this explains when my Cousin played Wolf with me He always hit the ground LUL

  8. Kuba says:

    Thanks for this video. Question does early release cause the divot before the ball? I am going to video my swings more often to see. Thanks for this video.

  9. Thank you! Great video

  10. 2Driver pls says:

    I think you had another video that recommended bending the trail knee inwards to promoted downward contact. I believe it worked sometimes but other times it caused exactly what you demonstrated with too much side bend

  11. Sean Lane says:

    Great video, many thanks Chris!

  12. Glenn Watson says:

    I was doing that today on the range. One great shot, one fat, one great, one fat. You are right that the problem must be my sway. Its hard because I confuse the feeling of weight transfer with head and torso lean. Should I think less about weight transfer?

  13. Neil H says:

    Best video I've seen for eliminating fat shots. I've been plagued with this problem for a while after making some changes to my swing. This video has transformed my ball striking almost overnight. Thanks Chris. Keep up the great content.

  14. mickey lowe says:

    excellent lesson on why hitting fat happens. I enjoy all your golfing videos. They make so much sense.Much appreciation.

  15. KING SHARK says:

    gotdammit, this was happening. to me, and from your explanation, I see why and now know why, … I was bombing my driver, and I never transitioned from driver feel to iron swing feel.

    side bend tilt, has to be the culprit. uhmmmmmmmm😑

  16. Mil Sneler says:

    Number one reason of hitting the ground before the ball is lack of coordination.

  17. Great tips, as always.

  18. Hi Chris. I have a severe problem of hitting before or topping the ball. The thing is, without any ball in front of me on a practice swing, I can shift my weight to my left side with no problem, but when the ball is there, I simply can't do it. Any suggestions?

  19. MrFifaVids says:

    Great channel 🙂 Thank you!

  20. Knightlore10 says:

    This was covered in a lesson I had this week and I do tend to hit fat shots on occasions though that's not I was looking to address. Feels like the makings of a reverse pivot when your used to swaying over to the right but watching it on video shows your nicely coiled.

  21. Abel Murillo says:

    great video. Any chances I can send you a video of my problem with irons so you can give me some advice?

  22. Bill Maroney says:

    Great instruction…just what I needed!!

  23. Wonderful tip!  I love it!

  24. David Marks says:

    is it possible to do this shot without damaging the green?

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