Stop Looking At The Club Face and Discover Accurate Golf Shots!

Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes! Follow this drill and you will hit the golf ball SO MUCH BETTER! If you stop Stop Looking At The Club Face you will start to discover Accurate Golf Shots! So many golfers ask me How do I aim by body, how do I aim my clubface and how do i take this simple golf tip straight to the golf course. Most golfers make the mistake of aiming with the club face but this is wrong, please follow this simple golf instruction and you will big improvements that you can take straight to the golf course.

Stop Looking At The Club Face and Discover Accurate Golf Shots!

I have come up with a new golf discovery The club face can move during your swing, so it’s not a reliable way to aim. Instead, you should aim with your grip, and using this to strike the golf ball longer, straighter and to hit more greens! I have some up with a face to get the club face totally square to target, lined up and allowing you to strike the golf ball like a tour pro, hit the golf ball straighter, hit the ball longer and in turn help to lower your scores.

In this simple golf tips you will find your target, get your find clubface square to the target, grip the club using this small golf hack and start hitting the golf club so much purer! If you use this simple golf tip then your clubface is square to the target at impact. This will help you strike your iron straighter and more consistently.

To ensure that you hit straighter shots, make sure your stance is square to the target and parallel to the ball to target line and you will strike you irons pure! The beauty of this golf tip is that you can take this straight to the golf course!

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21 Replies to “Stop Looking At The Club Face and Discover Accurate Golf Shots!”

  1. Don’t fall fowl of this! I’d love you to take this straight to the golf course this week!

  2. Thanks, Alex, for the tips and this new video.

  3. My worst nightmare is to find the ball either several inches above or below the feet. It never has a good result. Hopefully, you can give some tips on making GOOD contact when you're in that situation.

  4. Power Path says:

    You have helped me a lot thank you!

  5. Frans Krause says:

    Hj Alex. Great videos!!!
    Please explain the body line in more detail. The two clubs on the looked parallel but you mentioned "body left of target". Thanks

  6. Paul Evans says:

    Love this. Im starting to hit my irons better but drive not so much. I bought a used 4 iron that had a new grip. Its thicker then my driver grip. Im hitting the 4 iron straight and my driver is still slicing. Should I put a thicker grip on my driver? I love the feel of the 4 iron grip but the driver grip feels small. I feel more comfortable with the 4 iron because of the grip. What are your thoughts Alex?

  7. Jeff Duncan says:

    Best videos for occasional golfer on the net… THANKS so much Alex

  8. All excellent points Alex! Good suggestion on the grip mark on the grip. I will definitely pay attention to this also.

  9. Love how you teach if only I could remember it on the course

  10. Should I aim my body more to the right as a lefty?

  11. James says:

    Amazing video as always, Alex!!Short and concise👏. Can’t wait to see how you think, play, around the course.

  12. Deeser says:

    I always love your lessons Alex, but I got to admit, I'm a little confused, the thumbnail said something about compression, you never mention compression once in this video

  13. Alan Goudie says:

    The bottom edge of an iron is difficult to see.
    The alignment tip works well for my putter & driver.
    I have played golf for over 30 years, read many books & watched hundreds of videos but
    Many thanks to a golf pro who keeps coming up with ORIGINAL IDEAS.
    You can use this tip of using the grip for checking your club face alignment even if you
    pull back your right foot which some senior golfers do to allow for an easier swing.
    Similar to a right handed draw shot.

  14. Hello Alex. do you have a digital way to translate your advice into other languages. especially in French? THANKS

  15. J R says:

    I would LOVE a video about how to keep the trail hand from effecting the downswing/take away. I have a lot of trouble with it wanting to take over and the club face twists and it can be pully or shanky. I'd swing one handed if I could! It's turned me from a 10 HCP to a 19.

  16. Jim Kelehan says:

    If you’re new to the channel, subscribe! I’ve been watching for 17 months now. I’ve improved, particularly this year. From Alex’s lessons. Like today’s, the grip alignment was something I didn’t know. You’re darn right, I’m going to use this tip. And others that have changed my game. And no I’m not a paid spokesperson! I owe the joy in getting out of playing golf now, that I hadn’t before!

  17. Cody Proctor says:

    You must live somewhere great to have on layers in the summer. It’s been over 100 degrees in Oklahoma for about a week straight.

  18. You make the best understanding videos. Can you make a video about stinger shots?

  19. Brian Starr says:

    A fantastically simple tip that uses the natural aiming points of the grip. Such a great tip Alex. Thanks.

  20. Great Video Alex 🏌‍♀️⛳️🏌‍♂️ Love working on my Iron Play and bringing it back to the middle. Thank you 😊

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