STOP Making this One Mistake when Hitting Your Irons!

This one simple golf drill will help you get your golf shots straighter and more consistent than EVER!
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18 Replies to “STOP Making this One Mistake when Hitting Your Irons!”

  1. Daniel Owen says:

    Classic Mr. Short game.. now do that 500 times..? Just need to say, a few short years ago was a 110 shooter.. now mid 80s.. thanks Matt…

  2. Biagio Cozza says:

    Great video Matt
    I do this exact same thing, flexing my wrist at impact create those really nasty hooks. Thank you very much for all those great tips.

  3. Alley Cat says:

    Appreciate it if you could provide a purchase link for the wrist device, thank you!

  4. Neal Cohrs says:

    @MrShortGame does this same principle apply to my wedge game as well?

  5. Nick Lovell says:

    Matt, have you tried the trailing wrist functionality for Hackmotion? Do you find it effective?

  6. This is literally what I'm struggling with right now. My hands were getting real flippy through impact and that was making it really hard to time up and causing me to hit thin shots fat shots suddenly I would hook one and then hit a fade. My coach set me up with an alignment stick down the shaft of the golf club and told me to hit half shots and make sure that I don't hit myself with the alignment stick. Been working it for a few weeks now and the contact sounds so much cleaner.

  7. CinePost says:

    Can you rate the simulators again….affordable if possible

  8. does bent wrist cause more spin for drivers? since the drill is using 7 iron, it is the same fir driver?

  9. Eric Levine says:

    what is the software you are using to record your swing?

  10. This made the biggest diffference in my swing after watching your last video on this….but of course I lost it and trying to find it back (9.2 HCP)

  11. golfprochen says:

    No release until impact!

  12. Tom Parisi says:

    Matt – great video – the Hackmotion tool is one of the hottest on the market – really appreciate a Non golf gadget guy evaluating a tool as opposed to a gadget – I am purchasing now!! Keep the vids coming – love them!!

  13. brodygoalie says:

    What is the biggest take a way/ ft focus to get that correct path to the ball at impact. Should arms be going to 1 o'clock? Thanks. Love your vids

  14. brodygoalie says:

    Is it okay to start at address this impact position? Thanks

  15. zman7242 says:

    Nice pointer! ❤

  16. Love you Matt!!
    This is Similar to what Pete Cowan is doing too.
    You and Pete, Danny Maude.. thats sll i need baby!!

    Keep Swinging!!!

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