Stop PULLING Iron Shots! | Tuck & Turn Shoulder Drill

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Stop PULLING Iron Shots! | Tuck & Turn Shoulder Drill

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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50 Replies to “Stop PULLING Iron Shots! | Tuck & Turn Shoulder Drill”

  1. When I pull through them I gain distance

  2. You have definitely showed me the way to get a more consistent swing, but I’m shifting weight left half the time.

  3. This the complete opposite of what another YouTubers advice was. For irons they advise 55-60 percent of your weight on you lead foot and sternum hovering after the ball.

  4. Travis Scott says:

    Are you on skillest? And do you use swing catalyst I would love to work on some lessons and asking because I use swing catalyst in my sim to share swings with you but ive been going to lessons for 1 year this month and i need a change.

  5. B Prause says:

    Thank you!!! Was doing this test I had no idea what was causing this. ❤

  6. I have been searching all over looking for something to figure out why ever shot I hit good is pulled to the left, and when I try to fix it I’m hitting soft floaters when I know I have the power to to clear hazards, this fixed my shot trajectory immediately practicing in my yard, I’m hoping this will solve it on the course as well thanks so much for an incredible drill and lesson on tucking

  7. Jake Magie says:

    I’ve randomly developed this pull shot recently. It’s slight with the irons but it’s pretty bad with the driver. I went out today and had 6 really good drives and then the rest were pulled left and high. So I tried to open the club face and it got slightly better but not enough. Excited to see if this is my problem and hopefully fix it. When I’m missing the drives as well, i’m hitting the top part of the face causing it to shoot up in the air. Wondering if it’s all simply from coming in at that angle instead of tucked

  8. 25newRush says:

    Clay, this exactly my problem, either pull hooks that go straight left, duck hooks or weak fades. Happens with my driver and woods also. definitely gonna try your drills. When I do happen to time my swing right I kill the ball but it is very inconsistent.

  9. Less than a minute in and I immediately knew this was the video I needed. Pull left with decent distance, but could not figure out why until this video. Thank you!

  10. gggnumber1 says:

    Clay Ballard, I've watched a handful of videos regarding pulling irons. Not one mentioned anything about the right elbow. As you said, "We're all athletes," (haha), so no matter where I position the ball, as in, way too far away, I can still make contact if I extend my right arm, which will take my elbow way away from my body, and still pull the ball hard left. So, I'm working on what you showed us. Thank you, G

  11. Late to the party here but thank you so much! Been fighting the pull draw as long as I can remember and anything I tried to do to fix it was a bandaid at best. This worked from literally the first swing on! Thank you for the new swing thought!

  12. Very good , thank you 🙏🏻 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  13. MrLocatis says:

    Very Nice, it is funny how you can hit great for a few weeks then develop things like hitting left with good distance. Well explained and with the great detail of things that contribute, it definitely helps to get the shots straight again. Thanks !

  14. J T says:

    I was struggling with this so badly. Then I found your video and watched it last night and took the tips out to the course today and it worked like a charm. You fixed a problem that I could not figure out. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!

  15. Over the top of a bad thing for all clubs…I battle that and trying to fix it . This is a great video. Glove time under arm pit. I shoot around 90 because of over the top….the fix feels weird but I know I need it. The driver will kill you over the top. You looking at a bogey if lucky and a double 5 times out of every round. That’s a sick feeling. Thanks for video. I subbed you. Now I keep working on this till I get it🤞

  16. Stone Fish says:

    What a bloody great tip. The number of times I’ve done that very same thing without knowing why I was missing the greens to the left. I’m cured! Many thanks!

  17. Eric Estrada says:

    Great explanation. Thank you. I get considerable distance with my irons but the pulling is quite frustrating.

  18. akira110 says:

    Great instructional video! I watched this video about six months ago and it has improved my swing quite a lot. Thank you.

  19. CheTranqui says:

    This sounds like precisely what's going on with me – I have a brand new swing and it's lead to discovering this: I have a pull on my irons all of the sudden. It's a wonderful strike, nice and straight… and 10-20 yards left probably 40% of the time. 10% of the time I have a hard slice… and the other 50 it's actually straight. Pretty certain it's this that leads to such inconsistency. Can't wait to try it out at the range this week – gonna just tuck a wood cover under the right armpit and keep it from falling until after impact. Can't wait to try!

  20. Shane Deel says:

    This has caused me to hit way behind the ball

  21. A rather long explanation of the difference between supination and pronation. If one understands the right arm/shoulder actually supinates as a first move down one has a later release and no pull. m

  22. Luckydog - says:

    Your are the best. Thank you!

  23. Oznur Cakman says:

    Thank you very much Clay. I think this will fix my problem with driver. Oznur

  24. After watching this video i shot one of my best rounds of the year. Thank you Clay!

  25. Caleb Drewry says:

    Amazing tip, I visualized this today with every iron and wedge shot. 9 holes I shot 43 as a 15 handicap, thanks for the great vids!

  26. Thank you! I was stuck in a steep hybrid swing, and started pulling iron shots to the left half of time. Problem solved for the moment.. great vid👍

  27. I hit 8/18 greens last night which is much better than usual but my thought was always if I turn too much I'll pull it but I think I just did have my elbow tucked only half the time but it didn't feel like I changed it but I suppose this does make sense, I'll try it out when I get to the course today

  28. wabman55 says:

    When I do this I ask myself why this solid hit went straight left! This answers my question. I can’t wait to implement this on the golf course! Thank you so much Clay.

  29. Todd Brandon says:

    Why do they have to make a 1 minute video into,10

  30. raindogred says:

    i rocket them out to the left. today tried aiming more to the right and opening the clubface. kind of works sometimes. this looks like me. thanks

  31. You are a golf god, thank you. Why aren’t you playing with the pros? You clearly could compete.

  32. T O says:

    Thanks. Love the video, talking and actual swing at the same time. Learned a lot.

  33. This is exactly my problem. I will try this drill tomorrow 👍

  34. CanyonCruzr says:

    Does it work with the driver or 3 wood?

  35. Great lesson. Thanks!

  36. John McGeown says:

    Brilliant explanation Clay Thx 👏👏

  37. Peter Martin says:

    Great drill , but my miss can be pull or toe. Seldom hit toe of driver, but pull those.

  38. DKNY49 says:

    Just started playing again after 10 years… launch monitor says I suck and need work…..This video is helping me tremendously to get my swing back in order. Thanks you for ALL your great videos!!!!!!

  39. The first YouTube videos that actually work tbh helped a lot

  40. Good tips, many ways to get it done! Grow the game is magnificent

  41. chris davis says:

    Couldn’t it also be people having the club face super closed down at address? That’s a super common mistake I see a lot of average golfers have, having the club face truly square feels like it’s wide open to them, those players usually miss left. You’ll see players lay the club at their left leg and then grip the club with their left hand and then bring it to assess to avoid closing the club face when they grip the club. You can have it square and when those people grip the club it naturally wants to close, so it’s really more of a grip issue. Just my thoughts on another reason you could be missing left.

  42. Hey clay,thank you for this video. Finally have a solid base to build my swing. Massive step in the right direction. Having a blast playing golf now. Not great but amazing contact 🙌🏽

  43. Thank you very much!! I had been hitting my driver to the left and realised after seeing this video I that whilst i was tucking and turning with my irons, I wasn’t with my driver. Followed your advice today and hit ten out if twelve fairways with my driver!! Thanksagain👍👍👍

  44. Tripp Jones says:

    ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾Good shit Clay !!!! Just what I needed!!!

  45. Good morning,I’ve been playing golf on/off for years. Best round high 80’s. I want to tell you the way you explained this drill and how to rotate HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME. I will be back after a few rounds on a update. THANK YOU!!!

  46. james eadie says:

    I took this advice starting slowly , i was shanking the ball , this drill stopped the shanks and pulls

  47. Thanks for this great info. This has helped me so much and now My iron shots are dead straight

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