Stop shanking your Wedges! This simple foolproof swing thought will cure you for good!

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Thank you for watching our Explanar Golf instructional video featuring Master PGA Professional Luther Blacklock. This video shows you how to stop shanking your wedges – a common fault among golfers of all levels. In this lesson, Luther explains what causes you to shank wedges and demonstrates an easy to implement solution. In most instances, shanking is caused by the forearms rolling excessively on the backswing. Using this simple thought, you can get the club on a more upright plane so that you attack the ball on the correct path.

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We want to help you improve your golf in all areas, as well as help you fix the most common faults in the game, including how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you hit longer drives, hit longer, straighter iron shots, and help you draw and fade your golf shots. We will also help you lower your scores and your handicap by showing you how to chip and pitch the ball closer to the hole from all distances and all lies. Plus, with the help of our new Explanar Putting Mat, we will help you develop a better putting stroke, read greens more effectively and eliminate those frustrating three-putts!

Good luck with your golf!

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7 Replies to “Stop shanking your Wedges! This simple foolproof swing thought will cure you for good!”

  1. Explanar says:

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  2. I played a round with an old pal who started sh****ng his wedge shots,and next thing I knew, it was contagious, and I developed a s***k as well !
    It really was frightening, never having experienced it before.However your "book drill" has cured it Thanks a million !

  3. Yeah I definitely need to try this. Yesterday, I was shanking my wedges like crazy! From chipping to full shots, I could not stop hitting 45° right. It was embarrassing and it cost me so many strokes in my round. I Was definitely not happy!

  4. JM M says:

    Thanks For the easy and straight forward lesson

  5. Out to in … sounds promising … thank you!

  6. 27seconds27 says:

    Really helpful thank you. It's is 3/4 short irons plus wedges and I had thought I was perhaps coming inside but your demonstration has really helped me visualise. Your point on confidence is also spot on. It has taken me (still is) weeks to work my way mentally out of this.

  7. AND says:

    This really helps my thought process. Thanks.

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