STOP swinging your arms – golf lesson

The golf swing lesson that could change the way you think about your golf with the driver and the irons.


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  1. Randy Cooper says:

    People don't realize, & it's a difficult concept to grasp, but you can swing your chest far faster than you can swing your arms. The trick to swinging fast (clubhead speed) is getting the arms swinging (early in downswing), have them "catching up" to the center of the chest (but not quite), have them continue to swing to & through the center of the chest ..perfectly time with ball contact. Yes sounds a if, since the arms caught up with ..& passed the chest, that they MUST be swinging faster. No. The arms are swinging ALONG WITH THE CHEST. If you were to isolate the movement (swinging of the arms) as it relates to the chest (as if the chest was in a static position), the arms are actually swinging amazingly slowly as they go from the right side of the center of your chest, through to the left side of center of your chest. The swinging/turning of the chest is a MULTIPLYER of the speed at which your arms swing through & pass by the center of the chest. Here's the test: from the address position, with arms folded across your chest in front of you (noclub, of course), simulate a backswing & fire the chest through the hitting zone through to the follow through keeping arms folded in front. If you do this with serious intentions, you'll find that this is way faster than you ever swing! The arms, being extended out in front (& a club) is literally slowing down your ability to swing (rotate) the chest through the hitting zone ..much like an ice skater's spin increases when they bring their arms in …same thing. Yes is as hard to explain as it is to comprehend. Mark is encouraging turning the chest away from the ball (in other videos, turning your back to the target will be encouraged). The reason is: It is the "uncoiling of the chest" ..through the contact zone, as the arms catch up to & pass the center of the chest (which is the SWING SPEED MULTIPLIER), in perfect timing ..that results in clubhead speed. Another way to envision this: when you throw a punch, how fast is your fist traveling forward? (That's "arm speed") Now get in car travelling at 60mph & throw a punch. How fast was it traveling? Same speed …PLUS 60mph. (That's the chest rotating) Now, SPEED UP (rotate the chest faster), & thespeed of the punch increases even though you haven't actually thrown the punch any faster. The chest is the car that is carrying these slow arms through the hitting zone.

  2. RazoRock says:

    These tips are amazing!

  3. Wedge Wizard says:

    This is one of the biggest mistakes I see new golfers making. Their backswings are all arms, very little chest turn and totally disconnected. You gotta keep that🔻connected going back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your short tips are sooooo helpful❤. Thank you, Mark!!!

  5. Eric says:

    ILY mark 😊

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